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CaliChronicle (aka Blog)

  • Starter Story x CaliConnected Interview

    Starter Story x CaliConnected Interview

    Did you know… CaliConnected already existed as an online smoke shop in the UK while the current owners worked to start their own sunscreen business?! Read more about how CaliConnected came...

  • Hot Start vs. Cold Start Dabbing

    Reverse Dabbing: Hot Start vs. Cold Start Dabs

    Hot dabbing was the standard method to enjoy concentrates for many years and until recently, you didn’t need to use the word “hot” when discussing dabbing methods. Learn more about cold...

  • How to Make Potent Weed Cookies

    How to Make Potent Cannabis Cookies

    The weed cookie is a staple edible for 420 chefs. This guide will teach you how to make potent weed cookies at home using everyday kitchen supplies you likely already own!...

  • The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

    The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners: 2021 Edition

    Foraging through a plethora of pot products can be daunting, so we took the guesswork out for you! Here’s our specially curated list of 2021’s best holiday stoner gifts for the cannabis...

  • cannabis sales during COVID pandemic

    Immune to COVID: Legal Weed Vs. Delta Variant

    In the thick of coronavirus lockdowns, and before Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson concocted vaccines, marijuana became the remedy of choice for millions of individuals battling uncertainty. But can the success...

  • The Evolution of the Gravity Bong: Gravitron to Stundenglass

    The Evolution of the Gravity Bong

    From joints to suppositories, it seems like we've dreamed up just about every possible way to enjoy cannabis. Stoners are known for being creative and inventive, and the gravity bong has...

  • Is weed good for working out?

    Cannabis for Fitness

    Is that beautiful woman on the glute machine staring at you? Is that yoked dude in the corner judging your bicep curl form? Smoking weed before going to the gym could...

  • Best Ways to Celebrate 420

    8 Ways to Celebrate 420

    After a long year of quarantines, lockdowns, and solo smoke seshes, just about everyone is ready to go out and celebrate. And with marijuana being more ubiquitous than ever before, this...

  • what are blunts?

    Blunts & Wraps: The More You Know

    Slow-burning, buzz-assuring bliss all wrapped up and ready to get lit; a well-rolled blunt is a welcome sight to many cannabis aficionados. For the rookies, a blunt is essentially marijuana rolled...