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CaliChronicle (aka Blog)

  • Is it Legal to Buy Bongs Online?

    Is it Legal to Buy Bongs Online?

    The idea that it is illegal to order bongs online is a common misconception. Buying a burlap sack? Perfectly legal. Drawing a dollar sign on that burlap sack, then filling...

  • What is THC Delta 8?

    New Year, New Cannabinoid

    Like the Great CBD Blizzard of 2020, a new storm is developing in the cannabis market; it’s eye on THC-Delta-8...

  • COVID-19 Updates & FAQ

    COVID-19 Updates & FAQ

    Thank you for your continued loyalty & understanding during this difficult time. We will continue to keep this post updated with any changes or updates regarding COVID-19.

  • The Best Stoner Gifts - 2020 Edition

    The Best Stoner Gifts - 2020 Edition

    Find the perfect gift this holiday season for all the smokers on your list. Read more about our top 10 Stoner Gifts for the 2020 holiday season, and shop our...

  • Different Ways to Grow Weed at Home

    Sea of Green. Ways to Grow Cannabis

    Read more about the different ways of growing cannabis at home including the pros & cons of the Sea of Green method and how to use it!

  • 5 Most Popular Ways to Use CBD Oil

    5 Most Popular Ways to Use CBD Oil

    CBD is back at your favorite online headshop! Read up on five of the easiest and most popular ways to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine!

  • G Pen Roam Vaporizer

    What is 420?

    Have you ever wondered why 4/20 is the renowned stoner holiday? Put an end to silly rumors & myths about the origins of 420 and read about how the annual...

  • CaliConnected & COVID-19

    CaliConnected & COVID-19

    Our planet is going through an unprecedented event and we're here to get through this uncertain time together with you, from a safe 6-foot distance of course!

  • DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

    Meet the DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

    For connoisseurs who want the very finest, DaVinci’s IQ2 provides the ultimate control. Read more about DaVinci’s newest vaporizer with an in-depth guide for using the built-in Dosage Calculator!

  • The best hangover cures

    How to Cure your New Years Hangover

    Let’s recover from what was likely a late night of heavy binge drinking and start off 2020 the right way with this 5 step guide to cure your nasty hangover.