GRAV / Grav Labs

GRAV Labs pipes appeal to herb enthusiasts of all walks of life, boasting iconic designs that look as smooth as their smoke production. GRAV Labs has mastered the science of smoke, honing classic styles into smarter, stronger and sleeker glass pipes. Crafted using high-grade borosilicate glass, these elegant pipes offer long-lasting, reliable performance. GRAV Labs has synergized with artists and companies across the globe to rethink smoking, delivering new ways to unwind, elevate your mind, and explore the unseen.

This sophisticated lineup of glass pipes differs from piece-to-piece, but each GRAV pipe was forged using focus and vision. GRAV Labs integrates three core values into their glass pipes. Curiosity, the active search for clues to a better world, helps GRAV Labs hone their products to perfection. Solidarity, a dedication to the greater good of the smoking community, bolsters their resolve to produce the best possible glass pipes. Gravitude, a blend of gratitude and optimism, endows the GRAV Labs team with the power to celebrate their achievements and learn from their mistakes. These core values cultivate undeniable quality felt in every draw.