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LA Pipes

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LA Pipes

From the same talented glassblowers that created the infamous UPC glass collection, LA Pipes has returned to the scene with both their timeless, old-school designs and flashy new bongs that are guaranteed to make a statement. Proudly handmade in Sunny Los Angeles, California, these American-made water pipes will boost your glass collection to a higher level without the need to spend a fortune. 

The founders of LA Pipes started creating high-quality glass smoking accessories nearly 15 years ago with its premier brand, UPC distribution. UPC was later sold to Smoke Cartel and transitioned into Glassheads Distribution. Unfortunately, the company was slowly dissolved, and there are few if any UPC or Glassheads designs still in circulation. 

The demand for super thick, American-made glass bongs never went away, and that’s how LA Pipes was born (again). Unsatisfied with the status quo of the glassware industry, the founders of LA Pipes decided to remove the barrier between manufacturers and retailers. By skipping the middlemen, you pay 30% less on average for the same premium glass bongs and smoking accessories! CaliConnected is a proud authorized retailer of LA Pipes.

LA Pipes

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