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How to Make Potent Cannabis Cookies

How to Make Potent Weed Cookies

How do you make an already perfect dessert even better? Well, that’s easy... just add weed to it! The weed cookie is a staple edible for 420 chefs and this blog will teach you how to make some of the best tasting and strongest cannabis cookies for your next party in 5 easy to follow steps.

To keep things as uncomplicated as possible, we recommend buying your favorite cookie mix and referencing this guide to make a potent canna-oil or cannabutter (short for cannabis-infused oil and cannabis-infused butter) for an extremely delicious weed cookie.

When you are making weed cookies, it’s better to pair your cannabis oil or cannabutter with stronger cookie mix flavors such as chocolate or peanut butter to mask the earthy taste of your weed.

How to Make Potent Weed Cookies

It may take a few attempts to get your cannabis-infused butters and oils just right but follow this guide and you will be an expert in baking the perfect weed cookie in no time at all! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


  • Favorite Cookie Mix
  • Vegetable Oil or Butter (Depending on Recipe)
  • Eggs
  • Water
  • Cannabis


  • Strainer
  • Pot with Lid
  • Glass Bowl
  • Measuring Cup
  • Rubber Scraper
  • Baking Sheet (Tin Foil Optional)
How to Make Potent Weed Cookies

Terms to Know:


Decarboxylation is a key process for making potent weed cookies. Decarboxylation, or decarb for short, is the process of toasting your cannabis to convert the chemical THCA to THC, or CBDA to CBD, which helps to improve the strength and efficacy of your cannabis oil or cannabutter.

Decarboxylation is a highly recommended method to extract the most out of your herbs and will result in more potent weed cookies. Decarboxylation is completely optional, but we included this step in our guide to ensure you create better weed cookies with highly noticeable effects.

Don’t worry. The decarb process is much easier than it sounds and will be covered below in step #2. 


The high fat content found in cooking oil and butter work wonders in absorbing the THC compounds found in cannabis. Infusion is simply the process of blending your herbs into the fat source you plan to use in your recipe.

Typically cannabutter is the tastier and most preferred method for baking weed cookies. Conversely, butter is easier to burn so cannabis oil is sometimes best for beginners. Keep in mind, however, we advise you make this choice based on the recipe provided by your store bought cookie dough mix. 

Infusion can be done in a number of ways. Some use a special infusing machine such as the MagicalButter Extractor, LEVO II, or even grandma’s slow cooker to infuse their weed.

In this guide, we’re going to stick with items you (hopefully) already have in your kitchen. 

Pro Tip: Be patient. The longer you infuse your oil (the more time you give the THC to be absorbed), the more potent the fat will become.

How to Make Potent Weed Cookies:

Step 1: Weigh & Break Up Cannabis

The potency of your weed cookies will be largely dependent on how much herb you use and the percentage of THC in said weed. If you prefer your edibles on the lighter side, an eighth of weed per cup of oil is recommended. If this is not your first rodeo with edibles, five grams per cup of oil is a good strength. If you are targeting hero strength weed cookies, then seven grams will get you there.

Let’s simplify that:

If you’re the type of 420 chef who prefers to bake first and ask questions later, then just start with the number of weed cookies that you plan to make. If the recipe is going to make 20 cookies and you want to use 10 grams of weed, then each weed cookie will be infused with .5 grams. 

How to Make Potent Weed Cookies

Pro Tip: Ingesting weed cookies and other marijuana infused edibles are the most effective way for the body to absorb THC. If it is your first time enjoying weed cookies, you can consume far less THC than you are accustomed to smoking or vaping while feeling the same, if not much stronger, effects.

Contrary to popular belief, it is better to break up the marijuana nugs into smaller, peanut-sized nugs rather than fully grinding your weed. You will still be able to extract the same amount of THC from the herb and this will make the filtering process faster and easier.

If you do grind your cannabis flower before the infusion process, you will need to upgrade your strainer to a mesh strainer with much smaller holes. 

Step 2: Decarb Cannabis

As mentioned above, decarbing your cannabis is very important for making potent weed cookies. Start by preheating your oven to 220° degrees Fahrenheit and place your small cannabis nugs on a tin foil sheet or baking tray.

How to Make Potent Weed Cookies

Once the oven is preheated, place the baking tray inside for 30-40 minutes. This is one of the smellier steps in baking weed cookies, so to help reduce the smell you can cover the baking sheet with tin foil to keep the odors contained.

You’ll know your herb is completely decarbonated when it looks slightly shriveled and discolored. At this point, you can remove the decarbonated weed from the oven and set it aside for the next step in making your weed cookies.

Step 3: Infuse Cannabis

The method in which you infuse your cannabis for making weed cookies depends on what you have access to in your kitchen.

If you’re following this guide because you do not have a device to infuse with, a double-boiler can be set up at home with a cooking pot, water, and a glass bowl that can be stacked on top of the pot without touching the bottom. 

If you don’t own a glass mixing bowl, it’s perfectly safe to use another type of heat-resistant bowl to set up your double boiler. Just be sure to use the correct bowl size and handle with caution. 

Fill the base pot of the way with water and set it to a low boil. If the base pot is not filled with at least 2 inches of water, top it off so that the water will not completely evaporate during a long boil. Keep in mind, the top bowl on your double boiler should not touch the water in the bottom pot. 

How to Make Potent Weed Cookies

Place about 1⅓ cups of oil or butter with your decarbed weed in the top bowl and set it on the base pot. Then place a pot lid or tin foil on top of the bowl.

Allow the double boiler to simmer on low heat for about three hours and when finished, pour the oil or butter into another bowl using a strainer to filter out the remaining weed.

You will notice some of the oil or butter is absorbed during the process so you should yield around 1 cup of cannabis oil or cannabutter for baking your weed cookies.

Step 4: Make Dough & Bake Cookies

Most cookie recipes call for 1-2 eggs, 1/3 cup of water, and 1/3 cup of oil. This means if you infuse and yield a full cup of cannabis oil or cannabutter, you'll be able to pump out at least 3 batches of weed cookies from all your hard work.

How to Make Potent Weed Cookies

From this point, you can follow the recipe on the packaging, which will typically have you combine the cookie mix, eggs, water, and oil together, then roll it into balls of however many weed cookies you’d like. (Hint: replace the oil or butter in your recipe with your cannabis oil or cannabutter, don’t add double!)

Preheat the oven and bake at the recommended time and temperature. Once the weed cookies are finished baking, let them rest on a cookie tray for about 10 minutes.

Step 5: Enjoy your Weed Cookies!

Last, but certainly not least, you can enjoy the weed cookies of your labor!

If you would like to experience the full potency, it is best to consume edibles on an empty stomach, but if you prefer a more mild effect, eat the weed cookies after a digested meal. Weed cookies go great with a glass of milk, just make sure to spread them out as they will be hard to resist!

How to Make Potent Weed Cookies

Pro Tip: It takes about 45 minutes on average to start feeling the effects of edibles. There is no turning back if you are not patient and shoved another 3 weed cookies in your mouth. We recommend indulging on an empty stomach as you will experience stronger, longer-lasting effects. 

You can store any extra cannabis oil or cannabutter in a mason jar inside the fridge for around 2-3 months. The finished weed cookies can be stored in a jar or sealed storage container if you are planning to eat them in the near term.

Weed cookies can also be frozen if you plan on gradually eating them over a longer period of time. Congratulations on your hard work, now you can safely say you are a weed cookie chef!


Hi Jay,

Thanks for reading our blog on how to make potent weed cookies at home! You’re absolutely correct, however, the part you are referencing is being taken out of context.

Just before that part, we state: “The potency of your weed cookies will be largely dependent on how much herb you use and the percentage of THC in said weed”. Then just afterwards is the section you are quoting, which is a simplification of our instructions. We begin it by saying, “Let’s simplify that” and “If you’re the type of 420 chef who prefers to bake first and ask questions later”, which implies it’s just a generalization.

This entire section is intended to help someone who might now know the exact THC percentage in their weed.

Hope this helps :)


This quote concerns me. "If the recipe is going to make 20 cookies and you want to use 10 grams of weed, then each weed cookie will be infused with .5g of THC. " this is simply inaccurate and misleading! Lets say your weed is potent, 25% thc. 10G OF WEED WOULD BE 2.5g THC. WHICH IS 2500 mg THC. Which would equate to 125mg thc per cookie. Not .5g thc per cookie, which would be a very potent 500mg cookie.


Hi…Just read your page for the first time. I mostly used pot fo manage pain…I’m 81.
I take it at 5 pm nightly and about 3 hrs. later it kicks in.
Helps with neck pain, hand pain, waist pain and pain in a few of weird places.
I’ll try one of you recipes unless you recommend one that is BEST FOR OLD-TIMERS!
Opal & frankL

Frank ,

Hi Dave,

Thanks for using our guide for baking potent cannabis cookies! Unfortunately, this recipe calls for cannabis oil or cannabutter that you would infuse yourself in steps 1-3. If you prefer to use pure THC liquid, we recommend asking your source or the dispensary that makes the liquid for accurate dosing sizes that are equivalent to the grams used in our recipe. The strength of your cannabis cookies will also vary based on your tolerance and body weight, so it’s difficult to put an exact number on it.

Hope this helps :)


How much THC liquid should be used. I have pure THC liquid with dropper. 60ml bottle its 100% THC not mixed. From what i know from my source, its around 10K mg liquid.


Hi Valerie,
Thanks for reading our blog on how to bake potent cannabis cookies! Using water does seem strange. Since you are supposed to be swapping the cannabis oil or cannabutter with the oil or butter in your recipe, we’d have to recommend using a recipe that calls for oil/butter instead of water.
Hope this helps :)


Yes I’m new and confused about my recipe calling for water?I’ve not seen anyone use water on yt for their cookies?Is there something wrong with using water?is it OK to use water in your ingredients?will it affect the potency of the cookies or something?thnx

Valerie Hampton,

Hi Cathi,

Thanks for reading our blog on how to make potent cannabis cookies! Technically speaking, the flour would counterbalance the extra oil in your cookie recipe, however, we wouldn’t recommend adding more oil than your recipe calls for as a long-term solution. Instead, you can easily alter the potency of the cannabis oil in your recipe to make the finished product more potent. Our recipe called for up to 7 grams of cannabis per one cup of oil for “hero-strength” weed cookies, but you could double that to half an ounce (14g) and still have room in your pot.

If you made a big batch of cannabis oil and need a short-term solution, it seems like some extra flour to counterbalance any extra oil should do the trick for increasing the potency.

Hope this helps :)


Is there a way to add more oil to the recipe so that they are even stronger? My oil isn’t as potent this time around and I’d really like the cookies to be extremely strong. I have chronic pain and seizures so I began making edibles for myself, it is a lot more affordable but sadly not always as strong. If I added too much oil would it still bake properly? Could I add a little more flour to balance out the extra oil? I’m making this from scratch not store bought cookies so I can make adjustments if needed. I just didn’t want to waste oil if it’s a bad idea to add more than what the recipe ask.


Hi Kim,
We’re so happy to hear you found our recipe on how to bake potent weed cookies helpful! That’s exactly correct. If your recipe calls for more butter than the cannabutter you created with our recipe, then you can make the rest with regular butter. However, this recipe should yield a full cup of butter if you use the exact same amount of butter we suggest in Step 3.
Hope this helps :)


So in there it says not to add double the butter. Ie. If my recipe calls for a cup of butter and this only makes a 1/3, just make the rest with regular butter?

I have a recipe that makes 20 small cookies with 1-2 eggs. Thank you for the article. Super helpful!


thank you, missing San Francisco, stuck in the South

pj barr,

Hi Anthony,
Thanks for reading our blog on how to make potent cannabis cookies! We apologize for any confusion, the temperature for decarbing your cannabis should have been listed as 220° degrees Fahrenheit.
Hope this helps :)



Could you clarify on the temp for decarbonisation? Is it 220° Celsius or Fahrenheit?



Hi Will,

Tahnks 4 raeidng our bolg and thank[s fore the insghtiful feebdack! Proof raednig take too mcuh time, not wotrh it. Gald u got a goode luagh tho.


I don’t think you have any one to prof read your articql. there are so,so maney misspelled words which makes the artical laughable and I wouldn[t even try this.


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