Best Ways to Celebrate 420

420 is back and better than ever!

After a long year of quarantines, lockdowns, and solo smoke seshes, just about everyone is ready to go out and celebrate. And with marijuana being more ubiquitous than ever before, this year’s cannabis “Christmas” will be one for the books!

While some of us have been partaking in 420 festivities for years, the holiday still remains an elusive and mysterious event for many. For any marijuana newbies, or for those of you who are just trying to have the optimal weed day, we compiled a list of some key 420 rituals that you should highly consider for this years celebration:

1. Pick up some pot on 4/20

In the past two months alone, recreational marijuana has been legalized in four states (New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and New Mexico). That brings the total to 17 states (plus Washington D.C.) that allow adults to consume cannabis, for fun!

Remember, just 10 years ago recreational pot was illegal in the entire United States. Now, Americans all over the country have ease-of-access to marijuana.

Check out your local dispensary this 420, and you will almost surely find that there is a 420 sale as well. Many cannabis retail stores run promotions for the entire week, usually offering the lowest marijuana prices you could possibly find anywhere (the streets included).

Ways to Celebrate 420

Is weed still not legalized in your state? Take a roadtrip!

For most of America, a weed legal state is now closeby. 420 is a perfect excuse to day trip somewhere and celebrate the legit (and legal) way.

The holiday sales at dispensaries and the judgement-free culture enable you to relax, smoke, and save a little moolah. What a delightful experience it could be this 4/20 to get stoned in a city where smoking pot is normal! And just remember, don’t drive under the influence. Grab an AirBnB and chill for the day!

2. Roll up a 420 masterpiece

Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or dipping your toes into the world of weed for the first time, rolling up some pot is a staple of the 420 holiday. There are a myriad of materials and techniques when it comes to rolling, the classic joint being the standard bearer.

how to roll a perfect 420 joint blunt

From artistic cross-joints to fat tulip joints, the variations are seemingly endless, especially on 420. We recommend the always-satisfying, rarely canoeing Cone Joint. Check out our blog on rolling the perfect cone joint if you need some guidance!

Another cornerstone of weed rolling is the blunt, a versatile and nuanced way to bring some holiday cheer to your celebration. Traditionally rolled with cigars, these days the blunt’s possibilities are endless, with more resourceful options such as hemp wraps. Read our blog post about blunts if you’re not sure where to get started!

3. Create tasty 420 edibles

Marijuana and food are two peas in a pod. But you’ll probably be wanting to eat more than just peas once you get the munchies. Edibles are a fantastic and versatile way to enjoy your 420 holiday. Additionally, edibles are a COVID-safe option for celebrating 420 as there are no joints or pipes to share, and no gross mouths to worry about!

the best 420 brownies edibles

From the classic brownie to salad dressing, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making edibles. THC, the main chemical in marijuana, attaches to fat cells when heated; this makes a variety of oils ideal for carrying the cannabis experience into your belly.

We recommend making some cannabis coconut oil. As one of the fattiest oils, it is ideal for making cannabis oil and has a large capacity for holding THC. That means it can get very potent, plus it's versatile.

You can use THC-infused oils in baked goods or cook on your stovetop with it. For a simple and quick concoction, just spoon a few chunks of cannabis coconut oil into your morning coffee to start your holiday right!

4. Dabble in concentrates to intensify your 420

As far as strength and purity is concerned, cannabis concentrates are considered the bee’s knees. Concentrates are far more popular in Colorado and California than elsewhere, but more and more people are discovering the joys of smoking and vaping concentrated extracts such as shatter, budder, rosin, and live resin.

the best 420 concentrates to dab

While “dabbing” with a torch and oil rig (a small water pipe) is considered the main technique for consuming concentrates, there are a variety of ways to enjoy these powerful forms of marijuana. For example, you can simply smear some concentrate on top of your cannabis flower in your pipe or in a joint if its your first time. 

And then there are always vape pens, which are back and better than ever after a period of uncertainty. Harmful chemicals like vitamin E oil and heavy metals have been found in black market vape pens, however virtually all weed-legal states now have stringent testing requirements for these pens and pre-filled cartridges that ensure their quality and purity. It’s always good to keep a vape pen nearby in case someone is taking too long to roll a blunt!

Regardless of which method you choose, the 420 holiday is the perfect excuse to try concentrated extracts for the first time. 

5. Put your 420 records on

That skunky scent that you smelled at your favorite artist’s concert is no coincidence. Marijuana has been found to dramatically enhance music, its effects leading to a more profound and enjoyable listening experience.

Live music is a fantastic idea, and should certainly be taken advantage of if there happens to be a concert on 4/20 in your area. Artists have been struggling with the lack of performance opportunities over the last year, and 420 is a great opportunity to get high and support your local musicians.

the best music for 420

However, even a year after the pandemic started, live shows are a rarity. If you can’t find a concert on 4/20 to attend, there are plenty of options to get your music fix while getting stoned.

For one, you can listen to an album. In this fast paced world where instant-gratification is always within reach, we tend to listen to a smattering of songs instead of delving into artists and their full albums.

420 is a great opportunity to slow down, sit back, and appreciate a full album. Go out of your comfort zone and put on music that you might not usually listen to. A few puffs of cannabis can lend you newfound respect for a new genre or artist.

And marijuana doesn’t just enhance other people’s music; it can make you sound better. Have a karaoke session with friends and enjoy the musical superpowers of weed.

Not only will you shake the usual nerves that come along with singing in front of people, but your audience (who have hopefully been partaking in cannabis as well) will likely be more impressed by your skills!

6. Create a 420 Work of Art

You have likely heard of “Sip & Paint” nights where friend groups and Tinder dates go to drink wine, paint pictures, and create purple-lipped memories.

“Paint & Puff” is the 420 version, and is arguably the superior experience. Just as weed can strengthen your musical experiences, so can it upgrade your artistic capabilities.

Grab some acrylic paints, brushes, and canvasses, roll up a few joints and throw on a YouTube painting tutorial to watch with your 420 friends and family!

arts and crafts ideas for 420

There is no question that your 420 celebration will be greatly enhanced by including arts and crafts, whether it be a Paint & Puff activity or simply going to the craft store and grabbing some adult coloring books. Get creative and use the 420 holiday to unleash your inner artist!

7. Stream your perfect 420 movie

Cannabis is all about relaxing and viewing the world from a different perspective. That’s why watching a movie is an ultimate 420 activity.

And while movie theaters are opening up again, streaming a weed-friendly film is a great way to be in a comfortable environment and stay entertained.

the best 420 movies

Here are some great movies that are perfect for the 4/20 holiday. Some are marijuana-centric, others are known for their weed-enthusiast fans.

  • Dazed and Confused
  • Pineapple Express
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Bad Trip
  • Friday
  • Spirited Away
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Across the Universe
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

8. Celebrate 420 in the great outdoors

April showers bring May Flowers, but if you ask us, April (20th) flowers are far more preferable. Marveling at nature’s beauty while consuming marijuana is the perfect recipe for easing your mind and body.

best 420 outdoor activities

Why stay inside and fill your home with marijuana smoke? Smoke that bowl outside, on an outdoor adventure with friends.

Ideal 420 outdoor activities include a hike, outdoor yoga, and camping. Just make sure that you are being cautious if you’re bringing some pot with you outdoors, especially in places where marijuana might be considered inappropriate!

Wrapping it up

Finding unique ways to integrate cannabis into your daily routine, exploring new experiences outside your comfort zone, and just having fun is what the 420 holiday is all about.

No matter how you choose to celebrate 420 this year, be sure to set some time aside to visit CaliConnected and snag some new equipment with some of our best deals of the year!

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