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Bongs & Water Pipes

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Bongs & Water Pipes

Cool down colossal rips with these carefully crafted, thick glass water pipes and badass bongs! Water pipes add at least one level of water filtration to your smoke for smoother hits, so it’s no wonder why bongs are one of the most preferred methods for smoking cannabis, tobacco, and other herbs. 

The term water pipe is an umbrella term that encompasses any smoking pipe that utilizes water to cool down smoke. By definition, water pipes technically include bongs, dab rigs, and bubblers. Bongs are best identified for their designated use with cannabis, as opposed to dab rigs which are intended for concentrates. Bongs also differ from bubblers in that they are typically held with two hands and can be identified by their removable downstems and bowl pieces.

History of Bongs:

Bongs have been used for centuries, with the first recorded use being in China during the Tang Dynasty. Bongs were initially made from bamboo, but people began transitioning to ceramic and glass bongs throughout time. Bongs quickly became a popular choice for smoking dry herbs because they cool and filter the smoke with the end goal of making each hit easier on the lungs. Bongs also allow for larger, more satisfying pulls and can give an added head rush effect compared to other methods of smoking.

What to Consider When Buying a Bong:

Bongs come in various shapes and sizes, and there are many things to consider when choosing your next bong. Material is something you should think about first. Glass bongs are the most popular choice of material as they are transparent, do not alter the taste of your smoke, and are easy to clean. Ceramic bongs typically look like vases and offer a more modern appearance if you like leaving your bong out in the open. Ceramic bongs are known for their intricate designs but can break more easily than glass. Silicone bongs are continuing to grow in popularity as they are practically indestructible. Silicone bongs are lightweight and great for travel. 

Size is another factor to take into consideration when looking for your next water pipe. Size definitely matters when purchasing a bong. Bongs range anywhere from small, handheld sizes that can be less than 6” inches tall to massive bongs that stand over 20” inches tall and rest on the floor while you hit them! The bong size you choose should be based on your smoking needs and preferences. Smaller bongs are better for newer smokers as they are easier to operate, clean, and provide smaller, more manageable pulls. Large bongs are recommended for veteran smokers who can handle huge clouds of smoke.

Types of Bongs:

There are many different types of bongs available and are categorized based on the build and functionality of the piece. Most bongs can be listed under multiple types. Each type of bong caters to the smoking experience the user is seeking. Here are the most common types of bongs you will come across on the search for your next water pipe:

Beaker Bongs:

Beaker bongs are the most popular and common type of bong as it’s a simple design that is easy to use. Beaker bongs look like scientific beakers you would see in a chemistry lab. They have a wide base for stability and a large chamber that allows for bigger hits.

Straight Tube Bongs:

A straight tube bong is similar in functionality to a beaker bong, but it does not have a wide base. This style of bong is just a straight cylindrical tube, as the name implies. The simple design of a straight tube bong gives the user more control over the size of each pull, and the smoke produced inside the chamber is much easier to clear than a voluminous beaker bong. Straight tube bongs are also generally easier to clean. However, the smaller base makes straight tubes less stable and more prone to accidents. 

Fat Can / Chamber Bongs:

Fat can bongs cover a variety of water pipes that don’t quite fit the bill to be considered a straight tube or beaker bong. This type of bong has a wide cylindrical body that generally houses a percolator in the middle. Fat can bongs usually hold more water and smoke than your average straight tube and typically have a neck that is skinnier than the rest of the body.

Themed Bongs:

Themed bongs are a type of bong that is designed to look like something else. Themed bongs are unique and intricately designed to look like animals, food, characters, or everyday household items.

Bubble Base Bongs:

This bong is similar in functionality to a beaker bong but has a circular bubble-shaped bottom.

Dual Function Bongs:

Dual function bongs are equipped to work with dry herbs or wax concentrates. They typically include a bowl piece for flowers and a quartz banger for extracts to easily rotate between materials.

Modular Bongs:

Modular bongs are made up of multiple interchangeable parts that can be assembled and disassembled for hassle-free cleaning and travel. If you like total customization of your water pipe, modular bongs are a great choice.

Recycler Bongs:

This type of bong recycles the water through separate, interconnected chambers as you draw from the mouthpiece. This means that the smoke is constantly being filtered and cooled to provide smoother hits. Recycler bongs are popular because of their cooling power. However, the intricate designs can make these water pipes more challenging to clean. 

Indestructible Bongs:

These bongs are comprised of materials that are almost impossible to break. Indestructible bongs are typically made from silicone, metal, or acrylic. This type of bong is perfect for those who are accident-prone or have pets.

Gravity Bongs:

A gravity bong is a type of bong that uses gravity to fill the chamber with smoke. The most well-known Gravity Bong is made from a 2-liter plastic bottle and a bucket at home. However, several glass gravity bongs are now sold online that offer a much classier experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best type of bong for me?

The best type of bong for you depends on your smoking needs and preferences. If you are looking for a simple design with more control of your draws, a straight tube bong would be a great choice. A beaker bong might be better if you want a more stable bong. Smaller bongs provide more manageable hits while extra-large bongs require some experience. Bongs can also have different built-in features such as ice catchers or percolators designed for maximum cooling. For a more thorough breakdown of waterpipes be sure to check out our Comprehensive Bong GuideMake sure you consider everything you value the most while smoking to find the perfect bong for you! 

How do I clean my bong? 

Regularly cleaning your bong is essential to maintain functionality and keep your hits tasting clean. The best way to clean your bong is with a mix of high percentage isopropyl alcohol and rock salt. First, you will want to remove the bowl and downstem from your bong. Then, fill your bong with alcohol and add some salt. Next, shake your bong vigorously to loosen any dirt and grime. Finally, rinse your bong with hot water and allow it to air dry.

Can I buy a bong online?

Bongs are available at many smoke shops and online retailers, including! Before purchasing a bong online, do some research to find the best deal and a reliable retailer. We are constantly running promotions and have a price-match guarantee to try and always bring you the best price available online.

Is buying a bong online safe?

There is still a lot of uncertainty on whether or not it is safe to buy a bong online. Buying your next bong, dab rig, or glass pipe from an online smoke shop is perfectly legal. Your name will not end up on some CIA list, and your information will not be shared with any government entity after buying a bong online. 

You have nothing to fear if it’s your first time ordering a bong, vaporizer, or glass pipe online. A water pipe, vaporizer, or any other smoking device can not be deemed drug paraphernalia until it is used with an illegal substance. Simply ordering a bong online will not get you into trouble unless (and until) you are using it to break the law. Click here to read our full blog post on the legality of buying a bong online.

Is buying a bong online illegal?

The idea that it is illegal to order bongs online is a common misconception. In 2003, the DEA carried out a large-scale operation known as Operation Pipe Dreams to shut down retailers selling drug paraphernalia, specifically glass pipes and bongs used for marijuana. Operation Pipe Dreams landed infamous stoner Tommy Chong in handcuffs along with many other smoke shop owners and glassblowers. Ultimately, this targeted attack on the cannabis industry was deemed highly unsuccessful. Instead, laws were made infinitely more transparent for online head shops that, previous to 2003, operated in a cloud of confusion. Items like bongs are not considered “drug paraphernalia” by the federal government until there is concrete evidence that one planned to use said item illegally. It’s not illegal to purchase bongs online, but there are rules.

Currently, federal law requires customers to be at least 18 years old, and online retailers to confirm the age of every customer by checking state-issued ID with an authorized service. The services that online head shops use to check IDs will not land your name on some DEA list and remain entirely confidential. The bottom line is that it is legal to order a bong online; however, depending on your state laws, packing your shiny new bong with weed could be illegal. Click here to read our full blog post on the legality of buying a bong online.

Bongs & Water Pipes

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