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  • Real Time Inventory Sync

    No need to update quantities on a portal or upload a CSV. We connect directly to your ERP backend to keep inventory counts accurate in real-time

  • Simple Pricing Structure

    We pay your wholesale price and 100% of shipping costs. Shipping labels are uploaded in your vendor portal in real-time as orders load in your ERP backend

  • Marketing & Photography

    Need Photography? Send us a sample and we'll do the rest. Contact our Marketing Team to discuss some campaign options to elevate listings

  • Industry Leading Service

    We cover the cost of Shipping, Credit Card Processing, Returns, Refunds and Customer Service. No other Marketplace covers the costly process of returns



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Fulfillment Questions:

How do I check for and process orders?

You'll be able to monitor orders in your Supplier Dashboard and Integrated Shopping Cart as well as have email notifications set up through the administrator settings.

What about returns and customer service?

Returns and Customer Service are fully managed by our in house CaliConnected CustomerCare Team. All returns will be routed to our warehouse, saving you the headache and costly expenses related to returns management. You will only be contacted for assistance with order management if tracking is showing no transit scans or has arrived dead/broken on arrival.

What are the shipping requirements?

Orders must ship within two business day and in non-branded packaging.

Payment Questions:

What fees have to be paid?

There are no monthly fees or subscriptions for listing your products on CaliConnected. You also get all of your credit card processing and shipping costs covered by CaliConnected!

What is the payment schedule and method?

We make it simple to get paid. Just specify the preferred payment method and schedule, we’ll take care of everything else! We handle all payment processing & fees, and can issue your payouts via Check, ACH Bank Transfer, PayPal, or Credit Card.

How are items priced?

CaliConnected sets the pricing for all items. 

General Questions:

What is the timeline for getting my products on

We know that setting up your new Supplier Portal can be a daunting process. Luckily, we're here to help! The account manager will walk you through the entire onboarding and linking processes step-by-step so it's easy as pie for both parties involved.

What if I don't have high quality white background product photos?

You can send us a sample of each SKU. We'll take high-quality product photos and send them back within 30 days at no charge. Please contact us for more information before shipping samples. 

What will my product listings look like on

They will look like other items that are being sold on and include our company information, such as shipping, return policy and contact information.