The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

“All I want for Christmas is you. And some dope stoner gifts.”
      - Not Mariah Carey

Everyone has those special stoners in their life. We both know their short-term memory is sub-par at best. Sure, you’ve thanked them each and every time they smoked you up this year. But do they remember your gratitude? It’s time to refresh their memory of your appreciation with an amazing stoner-friendly holiday gift!

We know that foraging through a plethora of pot products can be daunting, so we took the guesswork out for you. Below is our carefully curated list of 2021’s top holiday stoner gifts for the cannabis lover in your life. 

And with FAST shipping for your pot-friendly presents, last-minute holiday shopping is always encouraged when you order from CaliConnected!

420 Cardz (Joint Holder Greeting Cards)

First off, it is proper gift etiquette to include a card with every holiday present. Sure, Hallmark is chill. For your run-of-the-mill mom. But stoner moms, and stoners generally, deserve more.

Luckily 420 Cardz specializes in greeting cards tailored specifically to cannabis lovers and allow you to gift a pre-rolled joint with your card! 

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

420 Cardz offers a variety of cards to choose from, and they all come with pre-rolled joint holders that allow you to give the gift of ganja. Simply place any pre-rolled joint (not included) inside the joint holder, remove the adhesive, attach it to the card, and get ready to be appreciated!

The joint holder fits just about any brand of standard size pre-rolled cones and rolling papers, so make sure you roll the fattie your stoner friend deserves!

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

Puffco Budsy (Water Bottle Bong)

Although a Nalgene is a great stocking stuffer, the Puffco Budsy takes hydration to a new level. 

From the same company that revolutionized electric dab rigs with their Puffco Peak, comes a stealthy stoner’s dream.

Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Bong

Talk about easing the stress of holiday travel! This ultra-mobile water bottle water pipe features a screw-on lid that contains your bong water inside the bottle while on the move and conceals the hidden ceramic bowl piece below the mouthpiece.

The Puffco Budsy mouthpiece flips open and closed with ease and connects to a long downstem disguised as a straw. This deceitful downstem features an inline percolator with numerous holes that provide advanced water filtration as you inhale!

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

And another awesome feature, you fill the bottle with 420ml of water for the perfect smoking experience (there are measurement lines to ensure you’re at the magic number).

The Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Bong is the perfect gift for someone who might be stuck with their judgemental family for the holidays and needs a sneaky escape.

CLIXX Magnetic Glass Filter Tips

The holidays are a time to gather, celebrate, and roll up!

Friends are back in town, lost family members are stumbling into the house, and there may be more mouths smoking on that joint than you expected.

That means more suspicious mouths, dripping with ooze, slobbering all over your perfect roll.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

Luckily for you, CLIIXX made a revolutionary product for those selfless stoners who are always sharing their joints and blunts. CLIXX Magnetic Glass Filter Tips are an ingenious invention that uses magnetic mouthpieces to reduce germs while increasing function and style.

CLIIXX Filter Tips effectively reduce the spread of germs and keep your fingers smoke-free, all without blocking your intake or reducing the airflow of your favorite hand-rolled products.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

These magnetic glass filter tips are available in both 10mm and 12mm sizes depending on the size of your usual joint or blunt. And if your blunts are so big they can’t fit inside either size, the crown can be rolled into the blunt instead!

Living in a time where many people are hypersensitive about germs, these filter tips are super clutch. 

Make your holiday smoke session risk-free with CLIIXX!

Grindhouse King Kut Electric Grinder

Let’s face it. Tis the season for hand pain.

Between shoveling snow, hanging decorations, death-gripping the steering wheel in holiday traffic, and not to mention frost-bite, it’s amazing all our fingers don’t fall off.

And on top of all that, we have to grind up that super sticky dense bud, a sometimes wrist-breaking responsibility!

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

The King Kut Electric Grinder offers a powerful new way to get your grind on. This cordless electric herb grinder has stainless steel blades plus a mighty motor that quickly grinds your herbs to a perfect, fluffy consistency. And it comes with clear jar attachments so you can easily view the grinding action until your preferred consistency has been reached.

Whether on burn rides or sleigh rides, a powerful battery ensures the King Kut Electric Herb Grinder keeps grinding even on the move.

Save someone’s wrists, and make their lives a lot easier, by gifting your favorite stoner a King Kut Portable Electric Herb Grinder this holiday!

PrideBites Indestructible Weed Leaf Dog Toy

Meet the perfect stoner friend:

✅ Always down to hang out

✅ Always willing to step outside for a sesh

✅ Non-judgemental

✅ Licks your face

(It’s your dog!)

And who could be more deserving of 420-themed holiday presents than your furry best friend?

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

This dog toy is legit (even in places where marijuana might not be). It’s made by PrideBites, and their award-winning dog toys are super lightweight yet practically indestructible!

And, added bonus, this particular toy was designed in conjunction with the internet’s Best Online Head Shop!

This legendary dog toy is built for both indoor and outdoor play. So whether in the Christmas snow or the Christmas mud, your pup will have a very good time with this Weed Leaf Toy. In fact, you can even toss it into a whole Christmas ocean because it is designed to float, allowing for both land and water play.

It’s no wonder the PrideBite was Shark-Tank-approved. A dope dog gift indeed.

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