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How to Cure your New Years Hangover

The best hangover cures

Alcohol consumption can be fun but it will oftentimes leave you feeling less than satisfied the next morning. Drinking too much alcohol naturally causes dehydration & low blood sugar, which leads to feelings of nausea, dizziness, tiredness, and almost always a pounding headache. It's hard to ring in the new year with a night out at the bar with friends, but suffering through the next day’s hangover doesn't have to be so bad.

How to cure a hangover

In honor of National Hangover Day, we bring you our guideline for how to cure your New Year’s Eve Hangover--2020 edition. The New Year is a perfect time for fresh beginnings, so follow our 5 steps outlined below to kick that hangover to the curb and start off the new year right.

5 Steps to Cure your Hangover:

#1 - Hydration

Low blood sugar & dehydration are the two main factors that cause the symptoms typically associated with a hangover. The dehydrating effects of alcohol come about from alcohol's diuretic properties that make you urinate more frequently. Once intoxicated, most people naturally continue ordering drinks to quench their thirst, but this just continues to worsen the dehydration issue. If you're reading this, it’s probably too late to start ordering waters at the bar with your drinks, but now’s the time to catch up. Fill up a jug of water and keep it nearby all day. And if coffee is part of your daily routine or personal hangover cure, keep in mind that coffee is also a diuretic and you’ll have to drink extra water to make up for the difference.

The best hangover cures

#2 - Warm Shower

Your skin is an organ, just like your heart, lungs, liver etc. So taking a warm shower isn't just some placebo effect but instead will refresh and cleanse your skin, the body's largest organ. The hot water can also help to relax the muscles of the neck & back, which naturally tighten when you have a headache. Just don’t stay in too long to the point you start sweating or you’ll reverse the effects of step #1!

How to cure hangover

#3 - Marijuana

If you live in an area where recreational cannabis exists, marijuana can be a crucial weapon in your arsenal of attacking that hangover headache. Cannabis has a history of being a headache remedy going back a few millennia. Manuscripts from the Mesopotamia region have advocates the use of cannabis to “bind the temples,” while physicians from ancient Greece and the Middle Ages of Europe also kept marijuana in their arsenal of head pain therapy. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, renowned pioneers of modern neurology continued to write about cannabis and its benefits for headaches.

The best hangover cures

As we know, the clinical use of marijuana changed during “Reefer Madness” era of the 1930s. Thanks to the US Controlled Substances Act of 1970, marijuana was labeled a schedule 1 drug with supposedly high potential for abuse and no medical value, becoming shut out of modern medical research. Physicians have an incomplete understanding of how marijuana helps people with migraines, but emerging scientific evidence suggests that it could.

Inside your brain and other parts of your body, you have a network of cannabinoid receptors--these are tiny loops of protein that affect how you feel pain. Marijuana has natural compounds called cannabinoids that search for those receptors and work to calm down pain signals. In addition, cannabinoids may also help with nausea, anxiety, muscle spasms, or other health problems. These unique chemical compounds can induce euphoria while tempering nausea, reducing inflammation & stimulating appetite. Cannabis is not a magical cure-all for your hangover, but it’s often a helpful step towards recovery.

#4 - CBD

THC is the cannabinoid in marijuana that gets most of the attention because its ability to make the user feel high & relaxed. But another product made from cannabis called cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t make you feel intoxicated. CBD can help alleviate the individual symptoms of a hangover including headache, nausea, and dizziness. CBD works especially great for curing headaches because it reduces the inflammation that causes headaches. If you can get your hands on some CBD edibles or gummies, these treats will also provide you some much-needed sugar to boost your blood sugar levels back to normal levels.

How to cure hangover

#5 - FOOD

When you've completed all the above steps, it's now time for some food. Eating after a night of binge drinking is imperative for feeling better and the food will work to return your blood-sugar levels back to normal. Greasy foods such as burgers and fries can also help to alleviate hangover symptoms such as nausea and upset stomach. If you're not hungry by now, refer to step #3.

How to cure hangover

From your #1 resource for buying cheap glass bongs & vaporizers online, we wish you a happy & healthy New Year!

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