COVID-19 Updates & FAQ

August Update:

We are now shipping most packages via UPS to counteract prolonged delays customers have experienced with the post office (USPS). Please note, this includes most orders that arrive in a box while smaller items that are shipped inside a bubble envelope and/or poly-mailer will likely still be sent via USPS. 

There are no longer any reported delays in fulfillment or customer service on our end. Possible delays in transit and tracking scans by USPS are still likely. Please see below for more details. 


Possible Delays in Fulfillment:

Most orders are still being processed within 24 business hours but we are still experiencing more order volume than normal. Some of our warehouses/fulfillment centers are further backed up than others due to the safety precautions set in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This may cause part of your order to arrive before other items have even shipped. Nearly everything that is delayed is being sent out with priority shipping to make up for the delay and get to you within the promised delivery window. 

Some orders may take additional time to be fulfilled and priority shipping cannot always be guaranteed. If you choose priority shipping at checkout and your package does not make it to you within 2-3 business days we will gladly refund any additional shipping costs. Please request a refund on the 4th business day to expedite your return. 

International shipping may take up to 21 business days to be delivered and many packages are now experiencing significant delays when being processed through customs. 

Delays in Transit & Tracking Scans:

Please allow additional time for your package to be scanned after the shipping label is printed before reaching out for a status update. If the label was printed and you received a shipping confirmation email, then we assure you that your package is already in transit. 

There are significant delays in transit across all carriers if a package needs to get on a plane. Unfortunately that is the case with most of our orders because we primarily ship using priority and international. 

Customer Service:

There are no significant customer service delays at the moment and emails are still being addressed within 24-48 hours, usually much faster. If you require immediate assistance please contact us via phone at 1-872-CALI-029 within normal operating hours. 

Package Safety:

Our warehouse employees are wearing masks & gloves at all times to ensure your safety. We’ve instituted a work from home policy for all positions with responsibilities that can be handled remotely. For work that needs to be done on-site, we’ve created two separate fulfillment teams that work on different days to minimize the number of people in the building. Right now we are fulfilling orders 7 days per week.

Research from the National Institutes of Health shows that the coronavirus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours and can survive the longest (2-3 days) on hard surfaces like plastic and metal. The World Health Organization has stated the likelihood of receiving contaminated commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.

To be extra safe, customers can allow their packages to sit unopened for a couple days and/or wipe down the package and contents with cleaning solutions known to kill coronavirus. We have extended the return policy window on all unused products for any customer that would like to practice this safety precaution. 


We are still accepting returns on any unused items. However, processing will be a little slower than normal as we're allowing all returns to sit unopened for a couple days. We also understand if it takes you a few extra days to send something back to us and our customer service team will happily accommodate that. Please refer to our Return Policy for further information on items that are eligible for returns. 

In-Stock Alerts & Inventory Management:

We are having a difficult time securing wholesale orders from most suppliers that manufacture their products in China. Many of our purchase orders are arriving with quantities that only make it 24 hours before selling out again. If you received an in-stock alert notification and the product is now showing out of stock, it has already sold out and we recommend signing back up for a new alert. We apologize for the inconvenience this has been causing but it is completely out of our control. 


Thank you for your continued patronage during this difficult and confusing time. We will continue to keep this page updated with any changes or updates. Please check back at any time and remember to stay safe!

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