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Holiday shopping for stoners is easier than ever with an array of online smoke shops that will deliver gifts right to your doorstep. We decided to make your last minute gift shopping even easier with a curated list of our staffs favorite products, fully loaded with perfect stocking stuffers and gifts for friends & family that enjoy themselves a nice smoke. Click here to see our full collection of staff picks for the best holiday gifts & stocking stuffers of 2018!

Magical Butter Botanical Extractor

A quintessential gift for those who love edibles, the Magical Butter Extractor was flawlessly designed from the ground up for an entirely new way of making potent oils & butters right at home. Traditional methods of making infused oil & butter as seen with crockpots, stove tops & immersion cookers require precise measuring, constant monitoring and a tedious cleanup, while the Magical Butter Extractor was designed exclusively for the creation of medical-grade edibles. This device is an ideal gift for both novice users looking for a new way to enjoy their dry herb, or seasoned veterans who have given up on the lengthy process of making edibles.

Magical Butter Botanical Extractor

RAW Papers x Dooby’s Pet Toys - Joint Cone Dog Toy 🐶

Give that special someone in your life a RAW Dog, the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, that's what she said. An official collaboration between RAW Rolling Papers & Dooby’s Dog Toys, this limited edition Hemp Joint Dog Toy is sure to become your dogs new favorite. This dog toy is designed to last, made from all-natural hemp which is known for its strong natural fibers and antibacterial properties. Equipped with a premium duck squeaker inside, this safe & eco-friendly dog toy is sure to satisfy even the hardest-to-please dogs. The perfect gift for any smoker, stoner, weed lover & dog lover, grab one of these RAW Rolling Papers Joint-shaped Dog Toys today before they're gone!

RAW Rolling Papers Hemp Joint Dog Toy

The “ChillHit” - Freezable Bong Attachment

ChillHit Freezable Mouthpiece Bong AttachmentAvailable in 6 dazzling neon colors, the Chillhit Freezable Mouthpiece is suited for just about any smoker on your list. Whether they enjoy rips from a bong, dab rig, vape, pre-rolled papers or even Hookah, the unique universal design of the ChillHit Mouthpiece will meet all of their needs and surpass expectations. The ChillHit fits comfortably into most glass pipes & accessories with a 1” inch diameter neck or larger. 

The Pineapple Spoon Hand Pipe 🍍

The Pineapple Spoon Pipe is the ultimate way to fill up an empty stocking this Christmas. As deliciously sweet as the fruit it represents, this fresh themed glass smoking pipe is handmade by the minds at Glassheads using high-quality borosilicate glass with a textured pineapple core & worked glass leaves. Complete with a modest sized flower bowl to pack your pineapple kush, the Pineapple Spoon Hand Pipe is a gift thats hard to give away!

Glassheads Pineapple Spoon Smoking Pipe

Dunkees Limited Edition Custom Art Torches 🔥

Need something special for the dabber in your life? Get them a Custom Art Torch that will last a lifetime. These Limited Edition Custom Art Torches feature original artwork of popular cartoon characters created by Dunkees, a California based artist who became well-known for his trippy psychedelic artwork. An easy-to-use ignition system makes handling this torch with one hand a breeze and includes a handy flame lock with a fully adjustable flame size. You won’t find similar torches at any other smoke shop, and our current selection includes designs inspired from Rick & Morty, Futurama, South Park, Pokémon, Mario & Luigi, Winnie the Pooh, Adventure Time, Batman, Star Wars, Family Guy & Hey Arnold! 

Dunkees Limited Edition Custom Art Torch

Regal Rolling Papers, Pre-Rolled Cones & Healthy Hemp Wick

As if our rolling papers weren’t cheap enough, use our holiday shopping discount to fill your family’s stockings with enough rolling papers for the entire year! At CaliConnected, we are constantly price-checking with other smoke shops and online websites such as Amazon & eBay to guarantee we bring your the cheapest prices online for rolling papers and pre-rolled cones. (Even if that means we lose money!) Our Regal Rolling Papers lineup includes RAW Classic, Randy’s Wired, SHINE 24k Gold Rolling Papers, RAW Classic 98 Specials & Emperador Cones, Empire Rolling Papers, Banana Bros Cones and Randy’s Hemp Wick. Save your hard earned dough for even more gifts when you buy in bulk on any of our regal rolling papers, perfect pre-rolled cones & healthy hemp wick.

CaliConnected Rolling Papers, Pre-Rolled Cones & Hemp Wick Collection

MJ Arsenal “Dubbler” - Double Rollie Bubbler

The entire Mj Arsenal product line is super budget-friendly, extremely durable, and make for amazing last minute gifts this season. Enjoy twice the potency of the original “Martian” Joint Bubbler with the new limited release MJ Arsenal “Dubbler.” This ultra-tiny, pocket-sized glass bubbler is fashioned to fit two joints or two blunts at the same time for a particularly unique & smooth smoking experience that's out of this world. The MJ Arsenal Dubbler was designed to fit nearly all sizes of rolled blunts & joints, featuring frosted tip connection points that provide a secure airtight connection. Enjoy the same moisture-conditioned benefits of a bong or bubbler with double the rip, twice the pull, and unmatched portability.

MJ Arsenal Dubbler Joint/Blunt Bubbler

banana bros. OTTO Electric Grinder & Auto Joint Roller 🍌

This gift might be difficult to not keep for yourself. The Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder™ is the first ever all-in-one smart electric grinder and rolling machine, capable of finely grinding dry herb & rolling the perfect joint in mere seconds. Boasting patented SMART A1 technology, the OTTO Grinder senses the consistency of its contents and automatically adjusts its movement to deliver the perfect grind each use. The OTTO Grinder attaches to the base via magnetic connectors, and a fresh sealed cone tube holds in odors and delivers an even, spill-free filling of your pre-rolled joint cones. This hybrid automatic grinder and joint roller comes with 20 all-natural, hand-rolled cones featuring wider lips for efficient filling and a slow even burn. Combining the speed of an electric grinder with the efficiency of an automatic joint roller, the Banana Bros OTTO allows you to mill & fill your dry herb at the touch of a button. 

Banana Bros. OTTO Electric Grinder/Auto Joint Roller

The Original DabCap©️ - Universal Vape to Bong Adapter

The DabCap is the first of its kind, fully universal vape to bong adapter with an extremely affordable price point that makes adding water filtration to your vaporizing experience easier than ever before. Made from tough, temperature-resistant silicone, the DabCap is the fastest & simplest way to connect your vape pens & pre-filled cartridges to your favorite glass pipes & bongs for super smooth filtration. This patent pending smoking accessory fits both male & female joints of any standard size water pipe and is quickly becoming a staple for glass & vape enthusiasts alike. The DabCap is practically indestructible and comes in a smell proof pop-top container, a perfect last minute addition to any vape enthusiasts stockings.

Original DabCap Vape to Bong Adapter

** The DabCap fits best on "C-Cell" style vape cartridges and round tipped vaporizer mouthpieces.

Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

The perfect gift this year for stoners who can't seem to keep their bongs & water pipes clean, the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit features a suite of essential products and tools for functional glass and vape care. This one-stop-shop cleaning kit features everything you need to keep your devices in optimal condition including a 16 oz. container of ISO Pure isopropyl alcohol, a 23 oz. container of Salt Rox & accompanying Salt Schute, one Resin Rag & two Dot Wipes, a Steam Brush, six Tube Top Water Pipe Plugs, and lastly twelve Pipe Stix & twelve Pipe Dreamz. Made with simplicity, quality & innovation in mind, these Higher Standards cleaning tools are an exemplary last-minute gift that any smoker would put to good use.

Higher Standards Supreme Clean Cleaning Kit

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