Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

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The Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit features a suite of essential products and tools for functional glass and vaporizer care. Made with simplicity, quality, and innovation in mind, these premium goods and accessories are tailored specifically to the needs of an elevated counter-culture. This one-stop-shop Higher Standards cleaning kit features everything you need to keep your devices in optimal condition including a 16 oz. container of ISO pure isopropyl alcohol, a 23 oz. container of Salt Rox & accompanying Salt Schute, one Resin Rag & two Dot Wipes, a Steam Brush, six Tube Tops, and lastly twelve Pipe Stix & twelve Pipe Dreamz.

Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

Making smart revisions to familiar products and tools, Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit enables deeper, nuanced cleaning techniques that eliminate the toughest residues and buildup to ensure the best performance from your glass pipes & vaporizers.

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Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit
Effectively Cleans Vapes, Glass Pipes & More!
9 Unique Higher Standards Products
Pure Ingredients
Functional Design
Deep Clean Action
One-Stop-Shop Kit

Kit Includes:

1x ISO pure (16 oz.)
1x Salt Rox (23 oz.)
1x Resin Rag
1x Salt Schute
1x Steam Brush
2x Dot Wipes
6x Tube Tops
12x Pipe Stix
12x Pipe Dreamz

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