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Product Spotlight: LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser

LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser

LEVO 2 Oil & Butter Infuser

“My friend, this is like if that Magical Butter shit met that Ardent Decarboxylator I had, and they had a baby... And then meanwhile, that crazy Butter Brewer stuff I had and the Mighty Fast Infuser met and had a baby... And by some miracle, those two babies met and f***eddd--this would be the shit they birthed.”

Introducing the LEVO II

The LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser is a brand new premium kitchen appliance that's conquering the do-it-yourself edible industry. This game-changing gadget has been redesigned to accommodate both novice chefs and advanced edible makers by majorly simplifying the process of infusing butters & oils with your favorite dry herbs. Not only does the LEVO II make the entire process easier, but its precision & advanced features make cooking potent edibles at home a stress-free, desirable experience.

With over five years of development and engineering, LEVO went through numerous prototypes to finalize the design you see today.

LEVO II Oil & Butter InfuserWhat’s New:

  • Dry & Activate Herbs Before you Infuse
  • Double Capacity Power Pod & Gentle Silicone Stirrer
  • Ceramic Coated, Slanted Reservoir
  • Wifi Connectivity & LEVO App

Prepare your dry herbs for maximum potency before the infusion process even begins with the LEVO’s ‘Dry’ and ‘Activate’ cycles, engineered to unlock the full effectiveness of your botanical ingredients. (Keep reading to learn more about these specialized cycles in depth below!) A newly devised ceramic reservoir was created to remove oils and butters from the LEVO II without leaving a drop behind. The enhanced ‘Power Pod’ doubles the herb capacity of the original LEVO Infuser to create more potent oils, and a brand new Silicone Stirrer gently infuses your product without aerating your oils to ensure maximum shelf life. The LEVO II eliminates the need for messy straining and its dishwasher safe components make cleaning up a breeze.

LEVO II Oil/Butter Infuser Smartphone App


The WiFi connectivity makes it uber easy to set your infusion and monitor progress on the move using the LEVO app, unlike tedious methods of the past. Now available on iOS and Android, you can use the LEVO app to access your history, use the LEVO Time & Temperature Calculator, share & discover new infusion recipes and even more! 

How It Works

The LEVO II comes with three settings: Activate, Dry & Infuse. Let’s dive in and learn about each setting, and where & when to use them.

LEVO II ‘Dry’ Cycle

Most kitchen pantries are lined with store-bought herbs & spices. They are crucial to many recipes and have a much more stable shelf life than fresh herbs, able to be used and stored over the span of months or even years. The LEVO II gives you the ability to dry your own herbs with the push of a button to give your nugs the same added benefits. Dried herbs contain less moisture, therefore significantly extending the shelf life and effectiveness of your infusion products. A complimentary aspect to your infusion process, the LEVO II ‘dry’ cycle allows you to prepare fresh herbs for long-term storage, or for the next step in the infusion process--activation. (Take care to use the ‘dry’ cycle only with herbs added, and never with oil or butter in your reservoir.)

LEVO II ‘Activation’ Cycle

The primary compounds found in botanical ingredients are generally inactive in raw materials and require “activation” before psychoactive effects can be felt. This is the same reason you wouldn’t eat your nugs raw and expect to feel something. The activation cycle on the LEVO II uses heat to remove the acid from your dry herbs. Simply pack your Power Pod with herbs, leaving some room for the air to circulate, and let the LEVO II do the work for you with a default heat setting for the activation cycle of 240°F / 116°C for 30 minutes. As with the ‘Dry’ setting, take care to ‘Activate’ only with herbs added, and never with oil or butter in your reservoir. Keep in mind, activating is completely optional. If you’d like to minimize or skip enhancing the psychoactive components of your herb, simply pass over the ‘Activate’ cycle and go straight to ‘Infuse.’

LEVO 2 Oil & Butter Infuser

LEVO II ‘Infuse’ Cycle

Now that your finished with drying & activating your herbs, you can now add your oil or butter to infuse! To infuse oil or butter, controlled heat is used over time to transfer the flavor, scent, colors, and nutrients from your ingredients into the carrier of your choice. Infusing at home, with fresh ingredients, unlocks a myriad of customizable recipes that optimize the benefits of wholesome herbs. There are no pre-set time & temperature settings with the ‘infuse’ cycle on the LEVO II, giving you complete creative control over your recipes. Don’t fret though--the LEVO app has everything you need for concocting the perfect cannabutter & oil. Once the oil or butter is complete, use your finished product to make whatever cannabis-infused products you’d like!

Looking to make store-bought brownies with your infused cannabutter? Simply replace the butter or oil with the equal amount of your finished product and follow the instructions on the brownie mix. It's that simple! When your ready to move on from brownies, browse the LEVO app to access a variety of customizable edible & tincture recipes, from marinades to lip balm, that you can create right at home.

Check out the full list of recipes on the LEVO website here!


The herbal infusion process has been used for centuries among some of the world’s earliest civilizations for cooking & medicinal purposes. By extracting the full components of the plant, infused oil provides the utmost nutritional, therapeutic & medicinal benefits available. Today it’s the still the choice of restaurant chefs, holistic healers, do-it-yourself edible lovers, and now you!

The LEVO II gives you full autonomy & control over your ingredients, process and consumption. With more control, less mess, and a simple design, you can finally create & consume wholesome ingredients without compromising quality.

The Benefits

  • Streamlined infusion process
  • No more solvents, additives, or emulsifiers
  • Complete control over ingredients & strength
  • Steeping method doesn't aerate ingredients, increasing shelf life
  • Controlled batch (minimum of 5 oz. and maximum of 16 oz. per infusion)
  • Save money versus pre-made edibles & so-called “all-natural” products

Click here to shop for the LEVO II and join the growing infusion revolution!

LEVO 2 Oil & Butter Infuser

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