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In an effort to further advance the success of CaliConnected Online Head Shop, we have decided to start this blog as an informative place for both die-hard stoners and those who are new to the scene looking to learn the basics. We plan to cover a multitude of topics in the coming months including brand highlights & new products releases, holidays specials & upcoming sales, company announcements & news within the cannabis community, and of course informative articles for those new to smoking.

Here to Stay

Since transitioning from a wholesale operation supplying US based smoke shops to selling direct to buyer ourselves, the response from new customers has been overwhelmingly gratifying. We can't emphasize enough how great it has been to hear directly from consumers on their satisfaction with our selection of products, unparalleled shipping speeds, and highly informed & efficient level of customer service. As expected with shipping glass, there have been a few bumps in the road (pun intended), but none that we have failed to go above & beyond to make right.
Band-Aid at CaliConnected Online Smoke Shop
In that time, CaliConnected has quickly evolved into the fastest growing online head shop this year! As 2018 comes to an end, our website traffic remains in the top 5% of similar stores and we are arguably on pace to become one of the best, if not the best, online head shop around!

How We Did it

This success was achieved twofold--a stellar advertising team that worked day & night to secure crucial, and laughable, marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms due to the heavy restrictions imposed on our industry. Working with other up-and-coming cannabis ventures such as the WeedTube and the 420 Games has been paramount in our early growth. 
CaliConnected x Empire Glassworks Advertisement
Secondly, thanks our wholesale relationships secured in the past, we like to think we have a leg up on new competition. Our advanced awareness on the most popular glass pipes & smoking accessories, and power to buy up closeout inventory, has attracted an influx of new customers who are searching for specific pieces sold out everywhere else to land on our site through a quick google search. We continue this effort with brands such as UPC Glass, Sesh Supply, GRAV, KandyPens, Dr. Dabber & Grenco Science. Oh and of course Empire Glassworks, whose individually handmade glass pipes are only released as fast as they can make them! No fakes or phonies here. We were welcomed with open arms to become authorized retailers of every product you find on the site.
Grenco Science G pen Vape
At CaliConnected, these “hot items” are typically stored with the CustomerCare team in our PA warehouse so our staff can inspect & hold products firsthand to add to their expertise. It also further contributes to our super fast US shipping speeds by adding yet another distribution center to our arsenal of warehouses.
Anywho, enough about us. We want to continue to hear back from you. If you have a looming topic you would like to read more on or questions about any of the products on our site, leave a comment below or drop a line to and we will answer back faster then you can check your inbox! (Just messing, but we will respond within 24 hours at the latest). If you want to read more about the formation of CaliConnected and company mission, head on over to our “About Us” page here.

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