MJ Arsenal “Dubbler” Double Rollie Bubbler

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From the creators of the “Martian” Rollie Bubbler comes the MJ Arsenal Dubbler, the newest addition to the ultra-tiny, pocket-sized line of portable bubblers & dab rigs. Taking the original Martian concept to another level, the Dubbler Double Rollie Bubbler is designed to fit two joints or blunts at the same time for a smooth and on-the-go smoking experience that's out of this world. If you're up to it, you can even try a joint & blunt combo!

MJ Arsenal Double Bubbler for blunts/Joints

The MJ Arsenal Dubbler is tailored to fit nearly all sizes of rolled blunts & joints, featuring new frosted tip connection points for a secure airtight connection. The Dubbler also has an air carb in the front that makes clearing the main chamber a breeze. Enjoy the same moisture-conditioned benefits of a bong or bubbler with double the rip, twice the pull, and unmatched portability. 

MJ Arsenal “Dubbler” with two blunts

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
MJ Arsenal Dubbler Joint & Blunt Bubbler 
The Original Double Rollie Bubbler
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Water Filtration
Air Carb Hole
2" inches Tall
2" inches Wide
One-Hitter Design
Glass Pendant Hook
Super Compact & Pocket-Friendly
Fits Nearly All Hand Rolled Products

Smoke 2 Joints or Blunts at the Same Time!

MJ Arsenal Double Bubbler with 2 Joints

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