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The Evolution of the Gravity Bong: Gravitron to Stundenglass

The Evolution of the Gravity Bong

From joints to suppositories, it seems like we've dreamed up just about every possible way to enjoy cannabis. Stoners are known for being creative and inventive, and the gravity bong has stood the test of time as the poster child of homemade weed apparatuses.
Is weed good for working out?

Cannabis for Fitness

Is that beautiful woman on the glute machine staring at you? Is that yoked dude in the corner judging your bicep curl form? Smoking weed before going to the gym could reduce these anxieties and has potential for many other fitness benefits that can take your training to the next level!

Best Ways to Celebrate 420

8 Ways to Celebrate 420

After a long year of quarantines, lockdowns, and solo smoke seshes, just about everyone is ready to go out and celebrate. And with marijuana being more ubiquitous than ever before, this year’s cannabis “Christmas” will be one for the books! Explore our list of 8 ways to celebrate 420 in 2021...