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The Best Gifts for Stoners: 2023 Edition

Top 10 Gifts for Stoners

Keep spirits, family, and friends high this holiday season with stoner gifts that even Rudolph the Red-Eyed Reindeer would be impressed with. Everyone has friends and family who could use some good stoner gifts. Luckily for the weed smokers on your list, we brought in a ton of new and innovative offerings this year that will make the holiday season one to remember (or not remember).

This list of gifts for stoners is here to save you the headache of searching for weed gifts this season. Curated with customer favorites and staff picks, there’s something for every smoker on your list.

If nothing below catches your eye, be sure to check out our annually updated Stoner Gifts & Stocking Stuffers collection to see all of our favorite gifts for stoners and holiday products this year!

Without further delay, meet the Top 10 Gifts for Stoners of 2023, starting with one of our best-selling brands ideal for gifting:

1. Roast & Toast Coffee Mug Pipes

Roast & Toast Coffee Mug Pipes cleverly merge functionality and stealth, making them the ultimate gift for stoners. These innovative hand pipes, disguised as everyday coffee mugs, seamlessly blend into any setting, allowing users to indulge in their wake and bake smoking rituals without drawing unnecessary attention.

Roast and Toast Coffee Mug Pipe

The dual-purpose design of these Ceramic Pipe Mugs not only serves as a stylish addition to any collection but also ensures practicality, catering to both coffee aficionados and cannabis connoisseurs alike. Roast & Toast Coffee Mug Pipes not only redefine convenience but also elevate the art of smoking by offering a unique, covert, and enjoyable way to savor ones favorite herbs.

With over 150 unique designs and themes to choose from, Roast & Toast offers perfect marijuana gifts for every stoner on your list.

2. Freeze Pipe Glycerin Joint & Vape Holder

The Freeze Pipe Glycerin Joint & Vape Holder is an exemplary stocking stuffer present this holiday and provides hits cooler than a winter blizzard! This new product from Freeze Pipe can be placed in the freezer for as little as one hour before use and offers compatibility with joints, blunts, and 510 carts.

Freeze Pipe Glass Joint Holder

If you want to use the the Freeze Pipe Joint and Vape Holder with a 510 vape battery, the included rubber adapter can hold the mouthpiece of the cartridge inside while activating your vaporizer. This unique smoking accessory is a cheap way to impress the stoner in your life and makes for a great last minute addition to your arsenal of marijuana gifts.

3. Prism Pipes Custom Bongs

What better way to celebrate the special stoner in your life than to build a custom bong that meets all their expectations! Every custom bong built on our build a bong app features a modular design that allows you to detach and disassemble each component of the bong. This makes travel, storage, and cleaning a breeze.

With a Prism Pipes modular bong, your gift recipient can purchase individual parts separately if they want change functionality or replace broken pieces down the road.

Modular Custom Bongs

Our Build a Bong app allows you to customize every part of your bong, including the neck, percolator, connectors, base, downstem, and bowl piece. With millions of different combinations, finding great gifts for weed smokers has never been easier.

4. Stundenglass Gravity Bong

A hit from the Stundenglass Gravity Bong will leave your jingle bells ringing. If youre unfamiliar with this contraption, the Stundenglass has taken the age-old DIY method of smoking a grav bong your parents basement to an unprecedented level of elegance and efficiency. And thanks to impeccable timing with the release of Barbie movie, the new Pink Stundenglass is without a doubt the perfect stoner gift for her!

Pink Stundenglass Gravity Bong

The Stundenglass Rotating Gravity Bong is engineered to deliver one of the most superior gravity bong smoking experiences available right now. Its user-friendly design, filtration, power, and customizability set it apart from the rest. 

This gravity bong does come with a hefty price tag, but its an absolute must-have for those seeking stoner gifts guaranteed to impress.

5. Cipher Nova Self-Igniting Pipe Pen

The Cipher Nova was designed to replace a hand pipe or one-hitter with something more efficient and stealthy. The Nova is much more than meets the eye. At first glance, it looks like your normal vape pen, but it actually features an internal combustion chamber that produces thick and flavorful smoke like that of a pipe.

Cipher Nova Weed Pen

The Nova Pipe Pen from Cipher has a unique ceramic pod system that extinguishes your dry herb between hits using restricted airflow. It requires charging, but its a small price to pay for the innovate functionality of this device. The Cipher Nova hits much harder than the vape pen its disguised as, and we assure you its a stoner gift that leaves a lasting impression. 

6. Grav Monarch Gravity Bong

The Grav Monarch Gravity Bong pumps out more smoke than a Christmas chimney! If the person you are shopping for likes to keep it classy, then this is the water pipe for them. The Monarch was just released this summer and will make a great upgrade to owners of the original Gravitron.

Grav Monarch Gravity Bong

The Grav Monarch Gravity Bong features a vase-shaped chamber made of high-quality borosilicate glass. This piece is perfect for holiday parties and will have your friends flying higher than Santa’s sleigh after a single rip!

7. 420 Cardz (Joint Holder Greeting Cards)

It’s proper gift etiquette to include a card with your presents. Sure, Hallmark is chill for your run-of-the-mill soccer mom. But stoner moms, and stoners generally, deserve more. 420 Cardz specializes in greeting cards tailored specifically to cannabis lovers and allow you to gift a pre-rolled joint with your card!

Joint Holder Holiday Cards

420 Cardz offers a variety of cards to choose from, and they all come with pre-rolled joint holders that allow you to give the gift of ganja. Simply place any standard size pre-rolled joint inside the joint holder, remove the adhesive, attach it to the card, and get ready to be appreciated.

8. Fat Ass Glass Mystery Boxes

So you’re in need of high quality weed gifts but still not sure what to buy? Our premium Mystery Boxes from Fat Ass Glass are the ultimate solution. Fat Ass Glass Mystery Boxes are known for their unparalleled variety, exceptional quality, and value.

Mystery Box for Stoners

With this stoner gift, you can choose between a year long subscription or cancel for free after one box depending on your holiday budget. Each box is filled with items valued equal to or higher than the price you pay. Double is the standard!

We currently offer 4 unique mystery boxes for every type of stoner on your list:

  • Flower Club: New bongs delivered every month.
  • Beaker Club: Beaker bongs right to your doorstep.
  • Dabber Club: Dabbing accessories on the regular.
  • Baller Club: Ball out with tons of new smoking accessories delivered monthly. (For serious spenders)

Experience a new level of holiday magic with our 2023 Mystery Boxes from Fat Ass Glass! 

9. G Pen Hyer eNail Vaporizer

The G Pen Hyer is always ready to deliver dabs fatter than Santa. The Hyer eNail is one the newest Electric Dab Nails on the market this year and has checked all the boxes when it comes to portable dabbing equipment.

G Pen Hyer eNail

The G Pen Hyer eNail allows you to harness water filtration wherever you go and seamlessly connects to any 14mm female water pipe. Dont worry if youre shopping for someone else as this is the standard size for most bongs nowadays, and adapters in other sizes are sold separately if needed.

The G Pen Hyer can be easily disassembled and comes with a protective travel case with multiple compartments, making it one of the most travel-friendly eNails available and one of the best stoner gifts for dabbers in 2023.

10. PRTBL Ember Hand Pipe

Shopping for a stealthy smoker this year? Well look no further as the PRTBL Ember is a terrific stoner gift for smokers who like low-key sessions. This practically indestructible hand pipe features an extended air path that provides hits as cool as an arctic wind chill and a pocket-friendly design that makes it easy to take with you on the move.

PRTBL Ember Hand Pipe

The PRTBL Ember Hand Pipe has two magnetic pieces that pull apart for easy cleaning and a slide so you can easily extinguish your flower and bring it on the go with little to no unwanted scents. This hand pipe is an ideal gift for weed smokers and will make a fantastic last minute addition to any empty stockings. 

Best Stoner Gifts: Wrapping it Up

This officially wraps up (pun intended) our list of the Top 10 Best Gifts for Stoners! We hope this list helps you find something that excites the cannabis enthusiast in your life. Don’t forget to browse our annually updated Stoner Gifts & Stocking Stuffers collection for more inspiration and 420-friendly holiday products this year!

Happy Holidaze!

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