CaliConnected 12" Triple Zong Beaker Bong

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The CaliConnected 12” Triple Zong Beaker Bong adds a literal edge (or three) to the classic bubble bong design. This extremely voluminous water pipe allows you to draw huge rips from the pull-stem diffuser downstem and watch your smoke zigzag through 3 distinct Z’s before finally reaching the top. Not only does the zig-zag construction add an impressive appeal to this water pipe, but it works to effectively extend the airpath your smoke will travel giving it optimal time to cool down before reaching the top. Additionally, the unique design provides extra stability and makes for an awesome visual when in use!

The CaliConnected 12” Triple Zong Beaker Bong contains thick glass horns that provide perfect handles for safely passing around and sharing with friends. This scientific glass water pipe is equipped with a 2” inch slide on a grommet-style joint and includes a pull-stem funnel bowl piece with a pinched glass handle for easy handling. The Triple Zong’s bubble chamber features a sturdy 3” diameter flat base that contributes to the overall stability. With an outright outrageous design, far-out functionality, and a more than fair price point, the 12” Triple Zong Beaker Bong is a sure bet to become a staple within your glass collection!

Get Connected:

Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Triple Zong Pull-Stem Beaker Bong
High Quality Borosilicate Glass 
Three Zig-Zag Horn Accents 
Natural Splashguard
Unique Zong Neck
Extensive Air Path
Rubber Grommet
Fixed Downstem
12” inches Tall
Bubble Base
45° Joint
Female Joint
Classic Design
Ergonomic Grips
Rounded Mouthpiece
3” inch Base Diameter
Unbranded Clear Glass
Grommet-Style Downstem
Thick Scientific Glass Water Pipe
Deep Funnel Bowl with Pinch Handle
Grommet Style Joint with 2" Long Slide

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