Grav® 10” Gandalf Hand Pipe

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Color: Amber
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Finally a Gandalf pipe from a brand you can trust. This long-awaited Gandalf pipe has been missing from the extensive list of glass hand pipes produced by Grav and sports a clean & simple design in a variety of colors. The Grav Gandalf Hand Pipe measures 10” inches in length, working to keep the bowl away from your face as you light your herbs. This extensive length provides an extra long air path that gives your smoke much more time to cool down compared to your average spoon or sherlock hand pipe. The neck on this Gandalf is adorned with a sandblasted GRAV decal and features a tapered design that narrows down to the mouthpiece. A deep bowl offers plenty of space for large bowl packs and a left side air carb allows you to fully clear the smoke from inside the chamber each rip. Whether you're hosting a gathering or just strolling through the woods, the Grav 10” Gandalf Hand Pipe is sure to turn heads. 

Grav Glass Gandalf Pipe

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Grav® Colored Gandalf Hand Pipe
Premium Borosilicate Glass
44mm Diameter Tubing
Left Side Air Carb
10” inch Length
Deep Bowl 
Thick Glass
Variety of Colors
Perfect Party Piece
Sandblasted GRAV Decal
Sherlock Style Flower Bowl
Classic Gandalf Style Hand Pipe

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