Grav® Pebble Spoon Hand Pipe

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Color: Amber
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If you find yourself skipping rocks across water when life gets you down, then this is the hand pipe for you. The Grav Pebble Spoon Hand Pipe finds beauty in simplicity, fashioned with a unique design closely resembling a polished river stone. This piece fits perfectly in the palm of your hand while remaining cornerless & smooth on all edges. The Grav Pebble Spoon comes fully equipped with a built-in carb situated on the left side and functions just like any other hand pipe despite its irregular shape. The low profile bowl and mouthpiece make hitting this glass pipe uber discreet and the design easily slips into your pockets when your on the move. Nature enthusiast or not, you're gonna love the Grav Pebble Spoon. 

Grav Pebble Spoon Hand Pipe

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav® Pebble Spoon Hand Pipe
High Quality Borosilicate Glass
Made on 44mm Solid Tubing
Flat Cornerless Design
2” inch Diameter
3” inch Length 
1” inch Tall
Grav Decal
Unique Shape
Low Profile Bowl
Left Side Air Carb
Variety of Color Choices
Portable & Pocket-Friendly
Thick Scientific Glass Spoon Pipe
American Made Glass [Austin, TX]

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