Apollo AirVape is a Los Angeles-based vaporizer manufacturer specializing in lightweight, compact, and powerful portable vapes like the AirVape Xs, AirVape Xs Special Edition, and AirVape OM. Known for their stealthy yet functional vapes, Apollo AirVape have struck a fine balance between compactness and vapor quality. While most smaller-sized vapes sacrifice vapor production for portability, AirVape Xs and AirVape OM both boast advanced heating systems that transcend their compact designs. Apollo AirVape vaporizers feature lightweight yet solid builds, impressive features, and high grade heating elements that deliver smooth, clean, and flavor-intensive hits. And with sleek designs, they make vaping look good.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Apollo AirVape makes vapes for those who like to enjoy the good things in life--in style. Their vaporizers are also notable for accommodating the commuter lifestyle with discreet designs, easy-to-apply controls, and quick, satisfying vapor production. Whether you want an easy way to enjoy insanely great vapor from home, or want to take hits in public without drawing attention to yourself, units like AirVape Xs and AirVape OM deliver a vaping experience that's just as discreet as it is potent.