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AirVape OM Mini is one of the smallest, sleekest, and stealthiest oil vaporizers for pre-filled cartridges. A trimmed down version of the original AirVape OM, this extra compact unit is disguised as an elegant keychain ornament. You can carry it anywhere and vape in a discreet manner. A simple single-button control heats oil concentrates within seconds, enabling quick hits on-the-fly. And you can charge up conveniently via USB. The AirVape OM Mini is a pocket-friendly companion for those who want extreme stealthiness without sacrificing smoothness and flavor. 

Apollo AirVape OM Mini

The AirVape OM Mini has a zen-like design with the OM sign embellished on its metal shell. Ergonomically shaped, it fits comfortably in your hand. It is also small enough to be concealed in your grip during use. Holding down the button will activate the heating system, which produces comfortable, tasty, and potent vapor. Blue LED lights glow to show you the unit is heating. The solid yet lightweight metal build is long-lasting and resistant to wear-and-tear. AirVape OM Mini not only offers discreet on-the-go use, but boils vaping down to the essentials for a seamless experience.

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510-Threaded Vaporizer Battery 🔋
AirVape OM Mini Keychain Vaporizer

Fits Standard Pre-Filled Cartridges

Variable Heat Settings (2.4-4.0v)
Universal 510-Threading
300mAh Battery
Super Compact
Rapid Heating

Stealthy Design
Sturdy Metal Build
Keychain Accessible 

*Note: The AirVape OM Mini is only designed for use with pre-filled cartridges, while the AirVape OM comes with a dual quartz coil atomizer that you may use to vaporize concentrates.

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