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Money is undoubtedly the best gift, offering you the freedom to spend wherever & whenever you wish. Besides, you typically can’t ask mom & dad for that new glass bong you’ve had your eyes on. Here at CaliConnected Online Head Shop, we believe you shouldn’t have to spend all your money in one place. Spread out your holiday cash and make it last with an additional 20% off site-wide with the coupon code HolidaySpending, or click the home page banner to have it automatically added to your cart during checkout!

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Looking to buy a new vaporizer or glass pipe? Keep reading to see the recents additions to our immense inventory of glass bongs, vaporizers & eRigs, and all things smoking.

Freshly Stocked!

The Puffco Peak - The First Ever Smart eRig

The Puffco Peak is the first ever smart rig designed specifically to unlock the true power of your wax concentrates, providing clean expression of potency, flavors, and effects of the plant they're derived from. The Puffco Peak comes fully equipped with a borosilicate glass bubbler mouthpiece, sesh-mode for social dabbing, a 2 hour charging time on it's long lasting battery, and intelligent temperature calibration with an LED light band. The Peak provides an efficient and enjoyable experience, faster & easier than ever before, with almost no learning curve.

Puffco Peak Smart eRig torchless enail

Sesh Supply “Orpheus” Dual Propeller Perc Bubbler 

Sesh Supply Orpheus Bubbler BongThe Sesh Supply “Orpheus” Standing Bubbler features a spinning vortex of filtration that stems from a kinetic propeller perc and gives this piece a lifeforce of its own. With vibrant color choices for both double or single spinning propeller percs, the “Orpheus” Standing Bubbler has options for just about anybody. This Sesh Supply water pipe has been restocked with a very limited supply so act fast!

Empire Glassworks "Avocadope" Hand Pipe

A time tested favorite amongst the wild & crazy glass pipes that come from the hands at Empire Glassworks, the “Avocadope” glass pipe is back in stock and the perfect way to top off your holiday gifts. Every Empire Glassworks creation is individually handcrafted to the finest detail, meaning the one you choose is guaranteed to be one of a kind. Meticulously sculpted using custom blended borosilicate glass colors and unmelted green frit for a realistic avocado texture, this 4” inch spoon pipe is sure to get your mouth watering for some guac. The bowl itself is designed to look like an avocado seed & a built-in air carb sits on the left hand side. Handheld & portable, the Empire Glassworks “Avocadope” Hand Pipe will ensure you get your daily dose of greens each & every day of the week.

Empire Glassworks Avocado Hand Pipe

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Newest Arrivals!

G Pen Nova Vaporizer

Grenco Science G Pen Nova Vape

The newest vape from Grenco Science, The G Pen Nova is a triple compatible vaporizer designed with simplicity & portability in mind. Known for their groundbreaking G Pen Vaporizers, Grenco Science decided it was time to bring a noncomplex concept to market, with a universal build that doesn’t inhibit you to just Grenco parts & attachments. The G Pen Nova Vaporizer Tank is has a quartz chamber bowl with a ceramic dish heating element, designed to extract the best flavor from both dry herbs & concentrates without needing to change parts. Boasting 510-threaded compatibility, this sleek device allows you to conveniently switch between the included G Pen Nova Tank and your favorite pre-filled oil cartridges. The G Pen Nova by Grenco Science is a conveniently small vape pen with mighty functionality for use with dry herbs, wax concentrates, and pre-filled 510-thread oil cartridges, all wrapped up with reasonable price that won’t use up all that Christmas cash.

Imini 3 Oil Vaporizer

Imini 3 510-Thread Vape Battery

Speaking of pre-filled wax cartridges & 510-threaded batteries, the guys at iMini Vaporizers have reinvented their classic vape battery to accommodate more modern functionality. The iMini 3 still features the simple, bare-bones design that made it so popular in the first place. However, the iMini 3 Vaporizer Battery has been upgraded to include variable temperature control & magnetic connections that allow you to effortlessly snap cartridges off & on. It's true what they say, good things come in small packages.

Rockstar Energy Drink Stash Can Diversion Safe

Rockstar Energy Diversion Stash Can

Disguise your stash with this Rockstar Energy Drink Diversion Safe! Each stash can is made from real Rockstar Energy Drink Cans, ensuring that nobody will think twice about its actual contents. Simply twist open the top of the can to reveal the secret stash compartment on the inside and confidently hide your money, jewelry, or any other valuables you deem worthy on the inside. Talk about saving your Christmas cash.

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