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Empire Glassworks

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Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks has aggressively risen the ranks to become an industry powerhouse and household name. Their distinct dedication to service and unrivaled attention-to-detail has earned a renowned reputation, with a variety of glass hand pipes, water pipes, oil rigs, and glass accessories that are sure to arouse your senses. From raunchy thought-provoking themes to tastefully refined artwork, Empire Glassworks leaves no stone unturned and has a suitable piece for just about everyone. With a seasoned design staff and over 40 years of glassblowing experience, every creation is incredibly remarkable and a piece of art you'll be proud to keep on display. 

Each Empire Glassworks product is individually handmade, highly detailed, and truly one of a kind. This includes the hand blown glass, custom mixed colors, and even the small glass figurines that make their creations so unique. Empire Glassworks fashions each piece of artwork with a torch flame process called "lampworking,” carefully handcrafting the glass in a kiln at over 1000° Fahrenheit to provide a stronger, more durable product. The higher temperatures are also responsible for the rich natural colors that are characteristic of Empire’s glassware. With a balance of provocative & elegant designs, sturdy construction, magnificent artistry, and skillful execution, Empire Glassworks is without a doubt the authority in the glassblowing community.

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Empire Glassworks

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