PRTBL Ember Hand Pipe

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Color: Onyx
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You’ll never feel the burn with this innovative hand pipe from PRTBL. The Ember offers a cleaner and cooler smoking experience with its extended air path, which prevents ash from entering your mouth and chills your smoke. With its sliding face plate, this aluminum hand pipe is perfect for smoking on the go. This plate should cover your bowl when not in use and ensures that no water or wind will ruin your dry herb. PRTBL made the Ember a breeze to clean as each part is connected with magnets. To clean, just detach the parts and soak them in isopropyl alcohol. Step up your smoking game with a dry pipe that offers hits as smooth as a water pipe with the PRTBL Ember.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
PRTBL Ember Hand Pipe
Pocket-Friendly Dry Pipe
Waterless Filtration
Extended Air Path
6” Inch Length
Face Plate
Super Discreet
Anodized Aluminum
Magnetic Attachments
5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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