Bong Maintenance Guide

How do I clean and keep my bong in pristine condition is a question that many people ask, and for good reason! Bongs can get pretty dirty after extended use, and if not appropriately cleaned, resin can build up and make your smoking experience less than enjoyable. This blog post will discuss the best way to clean your bong using commercial cleaners and household ingredients and maintain them to stay cleaner for longer.

PROs of Keeping Your Bong Clean:

-You’ll get better hits because there won’t be any resin or gunk clogging airways.

-It will look nicer and more presentable.

-Smoking out of a clean bong tastes much better.

Bong Maintenance Guide

Commercial Cleaner:

Randy’s Black Label is our most recommended commercial cleaner. It contains both a strong cleaning solution and salt, making it a fast-acting product that will leave your bong sparkling clean. Simply add the recommended amount of cleaner to your bong, shake it to cover all areas of the glass, and let it soak for the specified time. Once all the residue is gone, rinse with hot water, and voila! Your bong is as clean as the day you bought it.

Bong Maintenance Guide

Household Ingredients

Commercial cleaners are widely available and effective at cleaning bongs. However, they can be a little more expensive, and some contain harsh chemicals. If you prefer to use a more natural method, Isopropyl Alcohol and Rocksalt is an excellent option. This method will require a bit of elbow grease on your part, but it is just as effective at cleaning.

Isopropyl Alcohol and Rocksalt Cleaning Equipment:

-A Ziplock bag

-Isopropyl Alcohol (91% or higher)


-A long brush or pipe cleaner

-Paper towels or a clean cloth

Bong Maintenance Guide

Instructions for Bong Cleaning

Step 1: To clean your bong, first take out all removable pieces (like the downstem and bowl).

Step 2: Give your bong a rinse with warm water to remove any lingering herb particles and ash.

Step 3: Pour 91 to 99% isopropyl alcohol into the bong and add some coarse salt, such as Epsom or rock salt, as an abrasive. If you have a percolator bong, make sure to add some alcohol and salt through the mouthpiece to reach the perc and some through the joint for the chamber.

Step 4: Use your hand or bong rubber stoppers to clog the openings of the bong. Shake your piece for about five minutes or until visibly clean, and then rinse with water and soap.

Step 5: Dry the exterior of the bong, primarily focusing on the mouthpiece and joint. Add the clean downstem and bowl and fill with fresh water.

Pro Tip: If your bong is extra dirty with a layer of resin, it helps to soak the bong with very hot or boiling water for 30 minutes before starting the cleaning process. This helps to loosen up the resin making the salt and alcohol more effective. Take precaution when performing this step not to burn your hands.

Bong Maintenance Guide

Instructions for Bowl/ Downstem Cleaning:

Step 1: Add alcohol and salt to a ziplock bag and ensure the bowl/ downstem is fully submerged in your alcohol & salt mixture. Make sure to clean each piece separately to avoid damaging or breaking the glass. Resremover is a very effective bag and solution combo that can make cleaning your bowl and downstem a breeze.

Step 2: Shake the bag until the glass looks clean. Use a brush, q-tip, or pipe cleaner to clean any hard-to-reach areas.

Step 3: Rinse with water and soap and then dry them off. Your downstem and bowl should feel smooth to the touch and not sticky.

Step 4: Place the downstem and the bowl in the joints, making sure that the joints are completely dry so they can be easily removed.

Your bong and its parts should now be clean and ready to use! If you have any stubborn residue that won’t come off, you can repeat all steps until you reach the desired cleanliness. Since cleaning your bong is a lot of work, we recommend a few items that will help to keep your bong cleaner for longer.

Bong Maintenance Guide

Maintaining Your Bong:

If you think cleaning your bong is a hassle, then there are a few preventative measures you can take to protect your bong from getting dirty. Below we will outline some accessories that will keep your bong cleaner for more extended periods and result in less work cleaning your bong.

Glass Screens/ Filter Bowls

A cheap and effective way to keep ash from entering your bong is using a glass screen to clog the hole of your bowl piece. A glass screen allows for airflow while reducing the size of the entry hole of your bowl slide, which keeps the ash in your bowl. There are also bowls such as the Grav Octobowl that come with a built-in screen that is very useful for keeping ash or particles from entering your bongs downstem and chamber.

Bong Maintenance Guide
Ash Catchers

The name speaks for itself. This is a small glass chamber that can be attached to the joint of your downstem and effectively traps your ash and herb particles inside. An ash catcher has an added bonus of more filtration, meaning smoother hits and can be cleaned using the same steps as the downstem. One of the most popular ash catchers we recommend is the Pulsar Beaker Perc Ash Catcher.

Bong Maintenance Guide
Bong Water Solution

Piece Water is the best-selling accessory that helps keep your bong clean for much longer. This is a plant-based solution that traps ash and residue and keeps it from sticking to the glass walls in your bong. Just add the Piece Water into the chamber and percolator of your bong instead of water, and you’ll see a noticeable difference. Combining the Piece Water and ash catcher helps to stretch out the Piece Water as you’ll only need a small quantity for the ash catcher, and the bong can be filled with water.

Bong Maintenance Guide
Pro Tip: If you are able to combine all three of these, your bong will stay cleaner for significantly longer periods. The glass screen prevents ash from entering the ash catcher, and the Piece Water contains any ash and particles within the ash catcher. This will result in just having to clean the ash catcher thoroughly and only lighter cleaning of your bong.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you learned a few strategies and tips for cleaning and maintaining your bong. You should now understand the different solutions and accessories that will help clean your bong and maintain its cleanliness for extended periods.

If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments below, email, phone, chat, or even on social media. We are always happy to help!

Happy smoking!

The CaliConnected Team.

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