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If you are a first timer or new to the CBD industry, the expansive selection of new and emerging options can be flat out overwhelming. CBD oil is already available in a vast multitude of forms including lotions, tinctures, oils, e-liquids, lotions, capsules, edibles & even suppositories if that's your thing. Each product typically comes in multiple flavors and strengths to add even more confusion to the mix. 

Quality CBD oils at CaliConnected

Like other collections at CaliConnected, we aim to make online shopping for CBD oils and hemp products easier than ever with accompanying emoji symbols that directly correspond with each product type or consumption method. Use the key below as a reference point for navigating your way through our brand new Savory CBD collection:

CaliConnected CBD Shopping Key

** Note that the symbols for compatibility with oil (💧), wax concentrates (🍯), dry herbs (🌿), and 510-threaded batteries (🔋) in other collections have not changed. 

If you missed our last CBD-related blog post, cannabidiol (aka CBD) is an all-natural, non-intoxicating compound extracted from hemp plants using CO2. Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that contains little to no amounts of the psychoactive compound THC, the main factor in marijuana associated with getting “high.” Hemp always contains under 0.3% THC, therefore it will not get you high. Without the psychoactive effects of THC involved, CBD has all the benefits of the cannabis plant without the worries!

How to use CBD oil:

How CBD works, its potential health benefits, and the compound itself are each topics worthy of an entire article in themselves. This article will instead cover the multiple ways of using CBD oils, the pro’s & con’s of each, and how to navigate through our new Savory CBD collection to find your preferences!  

Whether you're new to using CBD or just looking to change up methods, there are four typical ways to use cannabidiol, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Those four typical methods are sublingual (under the tongue), inhalation (through your lungs), oral consumption (by mouth), or topical/transdermal (through the skin). With so many CBD products available for sale online we highly recommend you give this a read through before deciding which route is most appropriate for your lifestyle. Without further ado, let's dive into the the 4 most common ways to use CBD oil and decide which option works best for you!

1. Sublingual - CBD Tinctures 💦

The sublingual delivery method (under your tongue) is one of the most effective ways to take CBD oils. By allowing the compound to be absorbed by the capillaries under the tongue, cannabidiol can be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream by effectively bypassing the digestive system and liver for both immediate & long-lasting relief. Sublingual CBD tinctures are definitely more of a tedious process than other means of ingestion. They commonly involve holding the oil under your tongue for approximately 1.5-2 minutes before swallowing the remainder. Despite its obvious drawbacks, many people don't mind the taste and find the lengthy process is worth the effective results.

Sublingual CBD Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures and hemp extract concentrates can each be administered sublingually, and are noted on our website by the 3-drop emoji symbol (💦). A CBD tincture is a liquid hemp supplement that contains other carrier oils, in addition to the CBD oil, in order to make the taste more tolerable. We have numerous full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures for sale that range from flavored, unflavored, extra strength, and even entirely THC-free.

Tasty Drops CBD Oil

Tasty Drops by Tasty Hemp Oil is a great place to start if your a beginner. The Tasty Drops CBD Tinctures are available in a variety of delicious flavors including Berry, Spearmint, Vanilla, and also an unflavored natural version if your into that sort of thing. If you're looking for something a bit stronger, Made by Hemp’s Extract Tincture contains a potent 1000mg of CBD and has proven to be just as delightful to use as Tasty Drops. The Made by Hemp brand CBD Tinctures are sweetened using raw, organic ingredients and come in your choice of Strawberry Crème, Mojito Lime or French Vanilla. These mouthwatering CBD flavors from Made by Hemp were designed to be enjoyed both sublingually and by mixing into your favorite foods & beverages!

Made by Hemp Extra Strength CBD Tincture

CBD hemp extract concentrates are also taken sublingually but offer a unique advantage that tinctures do not--this type of CBD oil can also be used in a wax vaporizer/dabbing pen (🍯)CBD concentrates are extracted from the hemp plant and contain no additives, giving these products thick, paste-like consistencies. Besides this added versatility, hemp oil concentrates are popular because they are the most raw, all-natural, and organic form of CBD available.

Made by Hemp CBD Extract Concentrates

2. Inhalation - CBD E-Liquids 💨

Speaking of vaporizers, vaping your CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular with time. Offering the same healthy benefits as hemp oil tinctures & CBD-infused edibles, using a vape is easier, better tasting, and the act in itself is a relaxing experience. Inhalation is also the most effective CBD delivery system, able to transfer more of the product directly from the lungs into the bloodstream. Although most effective, vaping is not always the most efficient and makes calculating your dosage nearly impossible while exposing your lungs to minimal amounts of heat & carbon dioxide created from vaporizers. It's also the most obvious, least discreet, way to go about using CBD.

Vaping CBD oil is not always discreet

With that being said, CBD has been shown to have a promising effect on withdrawal symptoms and addictive tendencies, with vaping almost always the go-to method for those looking to quit negative smoking habits like cigarettes. If vaping seems like your weapon of choice, you can choose from a multitude of disposable vaporizer pens, CBD E-liquids, and pre-filled CBD vape cartridges that are each conveniently labeled with the wind/smoke emoji symbol (💨).

One of the simplest ways to try out vaping your CBD oil is with the Alternate Vape Pre-Filled Cartridges. A brand of full-spectrum hemp-based CBD oil e-liquid specifically designed for vaping, each 1ml Cartridge is packed with 250mg of CBD and contains no additives or THC whatsoever. Alternate Vape CBD oil is available in citrus, mint, or kush flavors, and only contains 3 simple & all-natural ingredients--CBD, terpenes and MCT oil (coconut oil). Easily twist this pre-filled cartridge onto any 510-threaded vaporizer battery indicated on our website by the battery emoji (🔋), and your good to go. We also carry a handy starter pack from Alternate Vape that includes a compatible vape battery and USB charger with your first pre-filled cartridge purchase!

Alternate Vape CBD oil cartridge & vaporizer

Now that you fell in love with pre-filled CBD oil cartridges, it's time to step-up your game with the Alternate Vape 500mg CBD E-Liquid. Don't waste your time & money on one oil cartridge at a time when you can buy the same great quality oil and get 15x the refills at a fraction of the cost! Containing 500mg of full-spectrum CBD per bottle, this delicious CBD e-liquid has a terpene-based flavor blend made from other plants and is available in Mint, Citrus or Kush flavors. This CBD oil is suited for the tanks & cartridges found on oil vaporizers, which can be found on our website with the emoji symbol that looks like a drop (💧). If you already own a 510-threaded vape battery (🔋) or just like one of those vaporizers more, simply grab yourself one of our cheap glass oil tanks found here and you’ll be vaping your CBD oils in no time!

Alternate Vape Kush CBD e-liquid

3. Oral - CBD Edibles & Supplements 💊

Forget effectiveness & efficiency and let’s talk about ease of use. No method of CBD use is easier or arguably more enjoyable then swallowing capsules or eating edibles. Unlike sublingual and inhalation methods discussed above, swallowing your concentrated hemp oil in the supplement form of softgels & capsules allows the CBD to pass through the digestive system and metabolize in the liver before the active compounds can enter in your bloodstream. This makes oral CBD consumption a slower process to feel any associated effects and usually a bit more costly too when you factor in the other ingredients involved with making edibles.

CBDfx Hemp capsule supplements

Despite these shortcomings, oral consumption is still by far the most convenient and most accurate way to consume CBD in terms of dosing, perfect for any professional who doesn’t want to play any guessing games with their CBD. Our hemp-based CBD capsules & softgel supplements are an all-natural source of cannabidiol and can be found by locating the pill emoji (💊) in each product title of our Savory CBD collection. On the other hand, CBD-infused edibles are growing in popularity and have began to show up as candy, food and even beverages. Each delectable CBD-infused edible on our site combines a the powerful benefits of CBD with great tasting food. You can now choose from a variety of rich chocolates, fruity chews, gummy bears, mint lozenges, and even CBD-infused lemonade! Each of our tasty edibles provide a powerful blend of phytonutrients & high-quality CBD oil, and can be found with various animal & food-related emoji’s in the product titles (🐻 🍫 🍋). These treats are so delicious, you’ll forget they’re also nutritious!

CBD Gummy Bear SupplementsThe Tasty Hemp Brand has more to offer than just their mouthwatering CBD tinctures. The Tasty Hemp Oil Gummy Bears are an uber easy way to make hemp an enjoyable part of your morning or nightly routine and come packed with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD in each bear! These delectable bears are available in a sample-sized 4 pack if you want to give them a try, and when your ready to commit the 40-count bottle should be enough to last you a full month. 

If find yourself with an insatiable sweet tooth, the Tasty Cocoas CBD Chocolate Bars will be right up your alley. These CBD-infused chocolate chunks each contain 10mg of CBD per piece and are as succulent & delicious as they look. Available in dark chocolate or dark mint chocolate flavors, each Tasty Cocoas box includes four individually wrapped bars. These CBD-infused edibles are a great choice for beginners because the dark chocolate flavors are super effective at masking the taste of hemp oil.

Tasty Cocoas CBD Chocolate Bars

We are also proud to carry Purfurred Hemp Oil, an exclusive line of safe & effective CBD oil supplements for your pets. Purfurred Hemp Oil for Dogs is an all-natural, unflavored hemp oil containing 200mg of CBD. It was designed to reduce inflammation in dogs with limited mobility and joint pain while helping anxious dogs relax from the stress of separation anxiety or traveling. Cats rarely suffer from separation anxiety like their doggy counterparts, but they can be just as scared around loud noises and strangers. Purfurred Hemp Oil for Cats can offer your feline friend the same benefits and was designed specifically for cats using extra virgin olive oil to accommodate for their sensitive digestive system. Purfurred Hemp Oil can be unnoticeably mixed into your pet’s food to treat these symptoms and make pet ownership even more enjoyable!

Purfurred CBD Hemp Oil for cats and dogs

4. Topical - CBD Lotions, Sprays & Patches!

Last but not certainly not least, CBD can also be introduced to your body with a multitude of applications that are absorbed through the skin. These topical & transdermal solutions allow for drug absorption at specific targets areas and allow you to strategically choose the application site. The terms topical and transdermal are oftentimes used interchangeably but there is a difference--topical medication is intended to have an effect at the site of application, such as a lotion that heals dry skin, while a transdermal medication will reach deeper tissues in the body like a patch designed for muscle and joint pain.

Hemp-based CBD skincare products

Hemp-based soaps/shampoos & moisturizers containing hemp are typically made for general health and wellness while CBD patches, ointments & salves are typically designed for pain-relief and healing. Hemp oil can provide amazing benefits to the skin with a natural supply of cannabinoids, essential fatty acids, vitamins & minerals that your skin will love and our collection of CBD Skincare products (pictured above) is made with all-natural ingredients that provide the nutrients of hemp to effectively target specific skin conditions.  

Made by Hemp CBD patch

On the contrary, CBD patches are the most popular choice for those seeking relief from persistent muscle pain, joint stiffness and back pain. Among the many types of topical CBD administration, and any medication for that matter, transdermal application has remained the most innovative and historically safe methods of administering medicine. Transdermal administration delivers CBD through the skin via patches or other substances such as balms or ointments, and offer considerable advantages over oral dosing with comparable results. Like sublingual absorption and inhalation methods, transdermal patches avoid the metabolism associated with the oral route and allow for improved bioavailability. Transdermal patches also allow for prolonged release of certain medications and compounds including CBD. 

Pure Ratios CBD Patch

Early research shows promising health benefits of CBD oil for increasing joint mobility, decreasing muscle inflammation, and providing relief from persistent muscle soreness & overall recovery time. CBD patches are an ideal solution for busybodies who are tired of constantly re-applying ointments & balms. Our Made by Hemp CBD Patches are super low maintenance and one of their strongest CBD products on the market. Each transdermal patch offers a potent 40mg of CBD while providing relief for up to 12 hours. If you suffer from more persistent long-term pain, check out the Pure Ratios CBD Patch designed to provide your body with highest quality cannabidiol extract over the course of 4 full days!

CBD Muscle Freeze OintmentHow about a product that can do both? The CBD Muscle Freeze by Mary’s Nutritionals is a topical ointment that provides a soothing cold relief from stiff aching muscles, and is full of nutrient-packed ingredients that are good for your skin. Most people nowadays have tried relief from gels and balms such as Bengay, Icy Hot™ or Biofreeze™, but add CBD to the formula and it becomes easily the most potent over-the-counter anti-inflammatory available. Loaded with 75mg of powerful CBD and tons of amazing plant extracts, Mary’s Muscle Freeze is as much of a treat for your muscles as it will be for your skin!

These topical & transdermal CBD applications are indicated by various emojis as seen in the key at the beginning of this article, however many computers won't recognize them yet as part of the text and may be absent. Nonetheless, you can always sort the entire Savory CBD Collection by product type and/or route of administration using the first drop down menu on the collection page.

Wrapping it up:

Hopefully by now you can now choose a preferred CBD delivery method and start enjoying all the health & wellness benefits that come with it! Everyone’s different, so we always recommend trying a few methods first before commiting to a single product type. Whichever route you decide to go, rest assured CaliConnected has your back with a guaranteed quality control over all of our CBD oil sold online.

Each company we carry was meticulously handpicked in partnership with US Hemp in order to provide American-made CBD oils that are each 3rd party lab tested (tested by outside laboratories with no association to the company) to guarantee purity & potency as advertised. You can find the latest lab results for most of our products under the ‘ingredients’ section. Some are more difficult to decipher, but take a look at the top right corner for a checkbox that indicates the products are exactly as advertised or sometimes stronger than advertised. Each of our CBD brands manufacture their products in FDA-registered laboratories following strict quality controls. You’ll be happy to find most of the products being tested came back with results that were stronger than being advertised!

We plan to continue being your most trusted resource for buying CBD oil online. Stay connected for more CBD related blog posts and a plethora of new products arriving this month. Your now equipped with all the knowledge you need to start shopping and experimenting with our new Savory CBD collection!

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