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Percolator Bongs

Picking the Perfect Perc: Percolator Bongs Unveiled

Prepare to be amazed and dive deep into the depths of percolation, unraveling the secrets of these intricate smoking devices to figure out which percolator bong is best for you!
Easy 420 Meal Ideas for Beginners

High Cuisine: Recipes for a 4/20 Four-Course Feast

Check out the recipes on our cannabis-infused four-course meal that we have high hopes of completing on 4/20 this year! Assuming we make it past the appetizer...
What are dabs?

What are Dabs? An Introduction to Dabbing & Concentrates

Dabs are quickly becoming the most popular way to consume cannabis. This introductory guide is intended to ease the learning curve associated with dabs and help determine if dabbing is for you!

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CaliConnected is a smoke shop that will forever change the way you shop online for bongs, dab rigs, and vaporizers. In addition to all of the incredible products we ship from our warehouses, you can now browse and order items from a number of other vendors and new brands on our marketplace.

Each of our awesome vendors are vetted for their reliability and we handle all customer service inquiries on their behalf. Every product page on CaliConnected displays where each item will ship from with real-time fulfillment and shipping estimates.

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