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The Yocan Stix is a pocket-friendly dual-compatible vape pen designed for efficiently vaping your wax concentrates and oils. Equipped with a variable voltage battery and ceramic coil atomizer, the Yocan Stix provides options for flavor savors and cloud chasers alike. This super simplistic and compact vape pen design measures just over 4” inches in length, the perfect size for busybodies and on-the-go vape enthusiasts to keep on them at all times. The Yocan Stix has a sturdy metal build that can withstand most drops and tumbles, with a leak-proof design that preserves the integrity of your materials inside. The Yocan Stix also has convenient 510-threading, making it the perfect vape pen for attaching your favorite pre-filled wax and CBD cartridges.

Yocan Stix Vape Pen

The Yocan Stix Vaporizer Pen is powered by a 320mAh battery with lights that indicate your current temperature setting. The battery’s light will shine red for low heat, green for medium heat, and high heat will be blue. If you’re a flavor savor, we recommend starting with low heat, but if you want thick clouds, just turn up the heat. Charge up from nearly anywhere with the Micro USB charger and enjoy pass-through charging capabilities that allow you to hit this vape pen while it’s still plugged in!

The Yocan Stix Vaporizer features a ceramic coil atomizer that preserves the flavor notes of your extracts no matter what temperature setting you choose. This no-nonsense vape pen was strategically designed to restrict the amount of airflow and deliver rich vapor each draw. A translucent tank lets you watch your vapor build as you inhale and also allows you to see when it’s time to clean your vape pen. Speaking of, the 510-threading allows each part to come apart for easy cleaning. With a super affordable price point, sturdy pocket-friendly design, and dual compatibility, the Yocan Stix Vaporizer Pen is a steal!

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Yocan Stix Vaporizer Pen
Compatible with Wax Concentrates & Oils 🍯💧
Fits Pre-Filled Wax & CBD Cartridges
510-Threaded Vaporizer Battery 🔋
Variable Voltage Temperatures
Translucent Leak Proof Tank
Ceramic Coil Atomizer
320mAh Battery
4” inches Tall
Easy to Use
Dual Function
Multiple Colors
Micro-USB Charging
Universal 510 Threading
Portable & Pocket-Friendly

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