Yocan Triple Quartz Coil Atomizers (5-Pack)

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Product Details

This is a 5-pack of Triple Quartz Coils compatible with a handful of Yocan vaporizers and eNails outlined below this paragraph. Originally seen with the Yocan Regen, these atomizers feature three quartz rods wrapped in high-grade titanium coils for fast and efficient heating. Yocan’s Triple Quartz Coils are ideal for cloud chasers looking for lung-busting smoke density. If that’s not you, consider going with a Dual Quartz Coil instead. As always, we recommend changing your atomizer any time your vapor begins to develop a burnt or harsh taste. Enjoy massive clouds from your favorite Yocan Vaporizers with a 5-pack of Triple Quartz Coils today!

Vape Compatibility:

Fits the Yocan Regen Dab Pen
Fits the Wulf Mods Evolve Maxxx Dab Pen
Fits the Yocan Pandon Dab Pen
Fits the Yocan Evolve Plus Dab Pen
Fits the Yocan Torch 2020 Edition eNail
Fits the Yocan Torch XL eNail

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Yocan Triple Quartz Coils (5-Pack)
Triple Quartz Rod Technology
OEM Replacement Part
High-Quality Materials
Vaporizer Accessory
Easy to Replace

*Please note: Coil caps are not included. You can reuse the coil cap from your current atomizer or purchase a new set sold here.

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