Trident Tropical Twist Gum Stash Can

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Despite the fruity and delicious appeal of this Tropical Twist Gum, this isn’t your typical Trident Go Cup. Instead, this stash container has a secret compartment inside that will effectively hide your valuables in plain sight! Every stash can diversion safe we carry is made of recycled food, beverage, or household products so they are truly authentic and extra stealthy. Our Trident Gum Stash Containers are extra sneaky for they each contain real gum inside for an authentic look and feel, but we highly suggest you don't eat any! Use it to conveniently store your cash, jewelry, or other worthy valuables within the twist-off bottom lid while keeping the top factory sealed so nobody bothers taking a piece. Perfect for your car’s cup holder, around the house, or on your office desk, snag the Trident Tropical Twist Gum Stash Can today and always enjoy peace of mind while storing or traveling with your stash!

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Trident Tropical Twist Gum Stash Can 
Made from Authentic Recycled Cans
Household Product Diversion Safe
Real Tropical Twist Gum Inside*
Weighted to Replicate Full Cup
Original Trident Container
Secret Compartment
Twist-Off Bottom Lid
Made in the USA
Resealed Top
3.5" inches Tall
2.5" inches Wide
Storage Depth: 1.75"
Storage Diameter: 2"
Same Weight and Feel
Blends into Normal Scenery
Stash Can Storage Container
Unique Home Security Product
Hides your Valuables in Plain Sight!

*Note: The Trident to Go Cup Stash Can features real gum inside for the most accurate weight and feel. Not only is this gum is likely very stale, but opening the sealed top will expose the hidden compartment and compromise your stash, so please do not eat it!

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