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Dosing Capsules are designed for the ultimate clean & easy loading of all your Storz & Bickel Vaporizers! Dosing capsules can be prefilled, stored in the Magazine, and inserted into the filling chamber before operation hassle-free. This essential vaporizer accessory includes 8 dosing capsules for use with dry herbs or for liquids/wax concentrates using additional liquid pads or the set included with your Storz & Bickel vaporizer. These capsules are compatible with the Crafty and Mighty handheld units, as well as the Volcano and Plenty Desktop Vaporizers (in combination with the easy valve chamber reducer or Plenty Filling Chamber Reducer respectively). With the Storage Magazine and Dosing Capsules from Storz & Bickel, quickly loading the chamber of your Crafty, Mighty, Plenty, or Volcano vaporizers has never been easier!

Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules Magazine

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Works with Dry Herbs or Concentrates * 🌿🍯
Compatible with all Storz & Bickel Vaporizers **
Fits the Crafty, Mighty, Volcano & Plenty Vape **
1 x Storz & Bickel Loading Magazine
8 x Dosing Capsules
Eliminate Messy Sessions
Pre-filled Capsules for Easy Loading

* Notes: Requires Dosing Capsule Liquid Pads for use with wax concentrates as seen in graphic. 

** To use dosing capsules with the Plenty Vaporizer, you'll need the Plenty Filling Chamber Reducer. For use with the Volcano Digital or Volcano Classic Vaporizer, dosing capsules require the easy valve chamber reducer

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United States United States
Love the convenience!

I'm on month 4 of loving my mighty. At first I didn't use the capsules because I thought it was a waste of time. But after a week or two I started filling them to go with me on the go. Now I LOVE them! I don't bother with their "filler" device they came with. I just grind quite a bit and then dunk each capsule into the ground flower and fill it up that way, it's much faster and easier. However, I do appreciate the portability of the holder of the capsules. It also took a minute for me to figure the best way to pop the tops off of the spent capsules, but again, easy. The thing with the capsules is I NEVER smoke more than I intend during the day or while I'm out. It's perfectly dosed!! At the end of the day I have a pile of empties and I just fill them all up again the next day! I've already bought a package of refills. While I love my bongs and bowls and bubblers etc, this def is one of my faves.

United States United States
Solid Product

Quite the fast shipping

Don W.
United States United States
Storz & Bickel Storage Magazine & Dosing Capsules are with me on the go

At first I must admit I was kind of thinking how somewhat cheap everything felt, but after some experimentation, it became obvious how much care needed to be put into the handling of the capsules themselves. They bend easy as they are feather light. In practice, I'm beginning to get the hang of them, and I'm at a point where I actually prefer them over using the open bowl. I'm glad there is a number system (but very faint; prepare to don your readers), so a person can place specific herb-laden capsules in a memorable number sequence for convenient transport. Just be super careful when opening and closing the lid. A strong 'jiggle' will topple the capsules, cradle and all. If you don't have your capsules labeled (and other than a dot of colored polish or something, how on earth would you label such a small, porous critter), you'll never know what you've got unless you can figure it out by smell (I became a pro at this within 2 days. No more jiggling). Other than the above minor grousing, I'm really in love with the concept. It's smell-proof enough to get past the inlaws, and looks like a can of chew in your back pocket if you're trying to distribute a red disposition with the locals. I'm not a redneck, not in this lifetime, so I slip it elsewhere easily enough. It also triples as a downspout to load your product into a dosing capsule. I find this method time consuming, clumsy, and the 'long-way-around' rather than spooning some into and/or scooping some into the capsule. I used it once and decided the novelty was for someone more apt to appreciate its herbal complexity before declaring it a winner simply because of the Storz & Bickel branding on the plastic. A way solid 4 stars as I'm finding multiple uses for not just my Crafty+, but for other purposes as well. Great concept and as good an end result for the low-dollar investment as one could expect. Hat's off, Storz & Bickels! And by the way, impressed me beyond description with their follow up and concern for a shipment that somewhat fell through the cracks post-4/20 (due to the 'rona' I'm thinking). I'll forever be an evangelist of their company. No joke! If every business was run this way, I'd be damn proud to tout American small business integrity once again!

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