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From the makers of the world-renowned Volcano Desktop Vaporizer comes the Volcano Hybrid, the latest and greatest innovation from Storz & Bickel. Compared to the legendary Volcano Digital Vaporizer, the Hybrid boasts a heat-up time that is 10 times faster, an improved airflow system, and a newly designed smartphone app that offers total mastery over your vapor production. Convection heating is paired with precision temperature control to provide a wide array of flavor profiles, while a long-awaited dual-inhalation system now allows you to choose between the classic balloon bag delivery method or convert your new Volcano Hybrid into a whip-style vaporizer!

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The innovative dual-inhalation system on the Volcano Hybrid features options for both whip-style inhalation and classic Storz & Bickel reusable balloon bags. Simply fill the included balloon bags with the built-in air pump, or enjoy silent draws directly from the heating chamber using the included whip. Volcano Vaporizers are known for their exceptional flavor production and the new whip-style system delivers resistance-free, quiet hits that are even tastier because you pull vapor directly from the heating chamber as opposed to the balloon bag. The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer’s included whip kit was engineered for sharing, designed to eliminate any tangled tubing when passing around. It also has an ergonomic mouthpiece that provides a comfortable, airtight seal every hit. 

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is equipped with Storz & Bickel’s iconic convection heating system. Instead of heating your materials directly on the hot surface of the loading chamber, the elite heating system propels air through the vapor path using a 100-watt heater. This method extracts optimal flavors from your dry herbs with essentially zero risk of combustion. The Volcano Hybrid always provides smooth vapor that’s easy on the lungs, free of unwanted tastes or odors. Just like its predecessor, this premium desktop unit features a dual-compatible design that will work with both dry herbs and wax concentrates. If you wish to vape concentrates instead, simply insert a liquid drip pad (not included) into the filling chamber and you're good to go! (The Hybrid Vaporizer features its own distinct set of accessories and does not work with the Volcano Liquid Pads that were universal in Storz & Bickel products of the past).

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Operating similarly to the Volcano Digital, the Hybrid was fashioned with easy-to-use, integrated touch buttons that help you masterfully execute your vape sessions. A bright LED screen displays both your chosen heat setting and the exact temperature of your unit, while simple “+” and “-” buttons allow you to hone in on your ideal temperatures. Storz & Bickel equipped the Volcano Hybrid with an expansive temperature range between 104°F and 446°F to offer a full flavor spectrum and meet any personal preference. A newly engineered smartphone app now allows you to easily manage and control your Hybrid Vaporizer directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth compatibility. The app provides you with full control over each session and advanced details about your new desktop unit. Complete with a full suite of compatible Storz & Bickel parts & accessories, the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer has everything you need for a truly enjoyable vaping experience. Whether you prefer the balloon bags of the past or the brand new tube, the Volcano Hybrid sports a first-class design with impressive features and groundbreaking upgrades that are guaranteed to provide you with the same outstanding vapor quality you’ve come to know and love from Storz & Bickel.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
Whip-Style & Balloon Bag Delivery 
Trusted Name & Proven Design
New Hybrid Inhalation System
Double Helix Heat Exchanger
Quality German Engineering
Pure Convection Heating
Easy Valve Balloon Bags
10 x Faster Heat-Up 
Improved Airflow
40” inch Tubing
100-Watt Heater
Digital LED Display
Bluetooth Compatible
New Smartphone App 
Integrated Touch Buttons
Personalized Alarm Tones
Automatic Shut-Off Feature
Dual Function Desktop Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid Parts & Accessories
Precision Temperature Control (104°-446°F)

Box Includes:

1 x Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
3 x Easy Valve Balloons w. Mouthpiece
1 x Easy Valve Balloon w. Adapter
1 x Normal Screen Set (30mm)
1 x Whip/Tubing Kit (1m)
1 x Filling Chamber
1 x Power Cord
1 x Air Filter Set
1 x User Manual
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Herb Mill Grinder (55mm)

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