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FastPack Pre-Rolled Papers from Roll it Club are designed for seamless use with the HighRoller Grinder & Cone Filler. Just like the name implies, these cones allow for an even faster rolling experience. When using these papers with the HighRoller Grinder, FastPack Cones are loaded from the bottom of the grinder instead of the top. FastPack Pre-Rolled Cones are made with all-natural rolling papers and paper stitched, so they contain no glue whatsoever. Another advantage of the FastPack that other cones simply don't have is the adjustable filter, allowing you to control the length and quantity of herbs in each joint. If you want less herb, push the filter up through the cone and rip off the extra paper. Alternatively, if you want a larger joint, pull down your filter and rip off any excess! Each box of FastPacks contains 18 pre-rolled cones ready for action. Snag a box today with your HighRoller Grinder and enjoy expertly rolled joints in mere seconds!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Roll it Club FastPack Cones
Fits the HighRoller Grinder
18 Cones per Pack
Adjustable Filter
Faster Loading
All-Natural Paper
Contains No Glue!

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