Ritual 5” Silicone Upright Bubbler

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Color: Black & White
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The Ritual Silicone Upright Bubbler is compact and perfect for on-the-go use. Made from platinum-cured silicone, it’s both durable and portable, measuring just 5" inches tall. This little bubbler can easily be tossed into a backpack, offering a convenient and enjoyable way to smoke wherever you are. 

The bubbler is equipped with a 4-hole diffuser, adding smoothness to each rip, and comes complete with a glass bowl. The silicone construction is tough and virtually indestructible, a quality so assured that Ritual guarantees the silicone parts of each of their pipes. Additionally, its unique air path and function are designed to deliver potent hits, enhancing the overall smoking experience. This makes the Ritual 5” Silicone Upright Bubbler an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and effective smoking tool that's easy to carry and use on the move.

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