Raw® Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tips (21 Pack)

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Raw Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tips are designed to make hand-made cone-rolling as easy as possible by providing you with ready-to-go filters that are perfectly cone-shaped for the mouthpiece of your joints. Raw Perfecto Cone Tips provide your hand-rolled products with a filter that prevents loose materials from pulling through to the inside of your mouth as you inhale. They also make your joints way easier to pass around when sharing and keep your fingers clean when smoking down to the very end of your joints. Just like Raw Rolling Papers, each Perfecto Tip is completely chlorine-free, chemical-free, and vegan-friendly. These cone tips are carefully cut and pre-rolled following the natural grain fibers to ensure a perfect filter every time. Raw Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tips come in a handy matchbox-style box for convenient storage between rolls and each box contains 21 pre-rolled filter tips.

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Raw® Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tips
Made from Purest Natural Fibers
21 Filter Tips per Pack
Cone-Shaped Tips
Chlorine Free
Rolling Accessory
Matchbox Style Box
Authentic Raw® Brand Product
Provides Easy to Handle Mouthpiece
Prevents Material from Pulling Through

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