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Size: Mini (7” x 5”)
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If you’d like to bring your materials and rolling tray on the move without the need for packing and unpacking, these Magnetic Rolling Tray Covers from Raw are the perfect solution! As the name implies, Raw Tray Covers are flat magnetic sheets that slide right on top of any metal rolling tray so that nothing spills or falls out while on the go. Not only are Raw Magnetic Tray Covers ideal for travel, but they also work great to conceal your goods from guests while keeping dust, hair, and other debris out of your sacred rolling station.

Raw Magnetic Tray Covers are available in various sizes that align perfectly with our vast selection of Raw rolling trays ranging from Mini (7” x 5” inches) to XL (20” x 15” inches). If you’re looking to use this with a metal rolling tray from a different brand, simply use the dimensions listed below to find the best size for you. Snag a Raw Magnetic Tray Cover today and use it to make your rolling tray mobile, keep your materials concealed and fresh, or even as an extremely oversized fridge magnet!


  • Mini: 7” x 5” inches
  • Small: 11” x 7” inches
  • Large: 14” x 11” inches
  • XL: 20” x 15” inches

XXL: 19.75″ x 15″
Large: 14″ x 11″
Small: 11″ x 7″
Mini: 7.25″ x 5″

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Raw® Magnetic Tray Covers
Durable Magnetic Sheet
Smooth Top Coating
Variety of Sizes
Easy to Use
Rolling Accessory
Great Gift for Stoners
Keeps Tray Contents Clean
Authentic Raw® Brand Product

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