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Grab yourself a truly unique and budget-friendly rolling machine from the masters of all things rolling related. The Raw Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine allows you to create a perfectly rolled cigarette/joint every use with a simple concept that is super easy to master. These Raw Rolling Machines measure 79mm long, the perfect width to fit your Raw Classic 1¼” Papers or any other rolling papers that measure up to 79mm (1.25” inches wide). The Raw Plastic Rolling Machine was built with durability in mind, each component strategically designed to outperform and outlast similar rollers. This rolling machine is made from an environmentally friendly formula of hemp & recycled plastics, manufactured by a special factory in Germany. The rolling apron inside use a double thick vinyl with high tensile strength, and each Raw Roller includes an extra apron just in case accidents happen.

To use the Raw Plastic Roller, simply open the device and evenly fill with your ground material (the plastic rods holding the apron follow a track on the outside of the roller). If you made a pre-rolled filter tip, keep it to the far left or right side of the roller. Now close the roller, pick it up with both hands facing front, and use your thumbs to roll the closest roller towards you so the contents inside get nice & tight. Keeping the device closed, insert your rolling paper between the rollers with the gummed side toward you. Repeat the same motion with your thumbs to work the paper down until only the glue strip is visible, give her a lick, and continue rolling with your thumbs a few extra times around. Open up your Raw Roller and enjoy a flawlessly rolled joint every time!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Raw Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine
Fits Rolling Papers up to 79mm in Length
Designed for Raw 1¼” Rolling Papers
Made from Hemp-Based Eco-Plastic
Rolls Perfect Joints Every Time
Double Thick Vinyl Aprons
Fast & Efficient
Durable Build
Easy to Use
79mm Length
Fits any 1.25” Papers
Manufactured in Germany
Extra Rolling Apron Included
Authentic Raw Brand Product

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