Pulsar Reefer Madness Bubbler

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Color: Opaque Light Blue Glass
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Immerse yourself in a sea-themed smoking experience with the Pulsar Reefer Madness Bubbler, a delightful hand pipe that brings the ocean's tranquility to your sessions. Expertly crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this bubbler boasts a thick, wide base, ensuring it remains stable and upright on any flat surface. The design is not just functional but also visually appealing, featuring a chamber equipped with a diffuser that provides efficient bubbly water filtration. This percolator is beautifully adorned with intricate decorations of fishes and aquatic life, creating a serene underwater ambiance.

At a length of 5.75" inches, the Pulsar Reefer Madness Bubbler is the perfect size for comfortable handling and portability. Its top-mounted bowl design makes lighting your favorite herbs a breeze, enhancing the overall ease of use. Each pipe is further embellished with a diamond decoration on the front, adding a touch of treasure-hunt charm to its aquatic theme. The bubbler functionality, combined with the effective perforated percolator, ensures smooth and cooled hits with every use. Available in two color accents, this bubbler allows you to choose the one that best suits your style or mood. The Pulsar Reefer Madness Bubbler is an ideal choice for those who seek a hand pipe that offers a blend of whimsical design, practical functionality, and a nod to the wonders of the ocean.

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