Pulsar 12.25” Flower Of Life Bong

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Color: Transparent Dark Blue Glass
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Elevate your smoking sessions to a spiritual level with the Pulsar Flower Of Life Bong, a piece that combines artistic design with superior functionality. Constructed from high-quality borosilicate glass, this water pipe is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. It features an hourglass-style chamber resting on a thick, wide base, ensuring stability and a distinctive look. As you inhale, smoke is efficiently drawn down the exterior fixed downstem and passes through the matrix percolator, where it undergoes the first stage of water filtration. The journey continues as the smoke is further smoothed and aerated by an additional ratchet percolator, ensuring a hit that's twice as smooth.

Standing at a notable height of 12.25” inches, the Pulsar Flower Of Life Bong is an impressive piece that adds a touch of elegance to any collection. The bong is adorned with an entrancing Flower of Life pattern that wraps around the neck and downstem, adding a mystical and serene vibe. This exquisite design is complemented by matching colored glass accents on the base, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Each bong comes with a 14mm male herb slide, fitting seamlessly with the bong's design and functionality.

Available in multiple colors, the Pulsar Flower Of Life Bong offers a variety of choices to suit your personal style. Whether you're seeking a deeper connection during your smoke sessions or simply appreciate the combination of artful design and smooth hits, this bong is sure to fulfill your needs. Its dual percolator system, along with the captivating Flower of Life pattern, makes it more than just a bong—it's a tool for transcendent experiences and higher consciousness.

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