Pulsar 7” Cosmic Companion Recycler Dab Rig Set

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Color: Transparent Green Glass
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Elevate your dabbing sessions to cosmic heights with the Pulsar Cosmic Companion Recycler Rig Set, a beautifully designed set that promises fabulous dabs every time. This rig is meticulously crafted from premium borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and a pure smoking experience. The rig's distinct design features a spherical top chamber and a flared base chamber, creating a unique and attractive profile. As you take a hit, vapors travel through the exterior fixed downstem and encounter the intricate wig wag ball percolator. This percolator efficiently filters the vapors, setting the stage for a smooth and flavorful dab.

The Pulsar Cosmic Companion Recycler Rig stands at a convenient 7” inches tall, making it an ideal size for comfortable use. Its recycler system works wonders by rapidly cycling water and vapors, providing additional cooling and further refining your hits. This process results in exceptionally smooth and cool vapors, enhancing your overall dabbing experience. The set includes a matching wig wag bubble-style carb cap, complementing the rig's design and adding extra control to your dabs. A 14mm male quartz banger, known for its heat resistance and ability to preserve the purity of your concentrates, is also included. The Pulsar Cosmic Companion Recycler Rig Set is  a statement piece that combines function, style, and quality, perfect for those who seek an elevated dabbing experience.

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