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The Pulsar APX eRig features its most powerful battery to date and is designed to deliver thick rips of vapor to elevate your dabbing sessions to new heights. This remarkable device combines the immense power necessary for peak dab performance with the refreshing sensation of water filtration, ensuring each session is nothing short of spectacular. Crafted to mirror the classic straight tube bong aesthetic, the APX eRig incorporates ultra-durable borosilicate glass in its design, standing tall at just over 10.5” inches. Its broad base ensures stability, while the ergonomic mouthpiece guarantees an optimal seal for each draw. The chamber of the rig houses a smoky glass downstem and a circular showerhead percolator, offering a full 360-degree diffusion for silky smooth, water-cooled vapors.

Innovatively designed, the rig's atomizer arm swivels, allowing for a relaxed usage angle while keeping the atomizer upright for heating. The device features a coil-less quartz cup atomizer that connects seamlessly, topped with a borosilicate glass collar and carb cap linked by a silicone band. Included in the setup are two quartz terp pearls that enhance the vaporization process by stirring the concentrate as it heats, ensuring a thorough and even vapor production. The rig also comes with the "terp tong," a novel tool designed for easy handling of the terp pearls, allowing for effortless placement and removal without needing to detach the atomizer arm.

Pulsar APX eRig VaporizerBoasting a significant 3200mAh battery, this eRig promises powerful and dense vapor clouds. Activation is simple, with a five-click control button that also features an LED light ring for visual appeal. Additional LEDs cast an enchanting glow beneath the rig, creating ambiance for each session. The device offers five temperature settings, each indicated by color-coded LEDs, ranging from cooler, flavor-focused blues and greens to the intense warmth of purples and reds for those seeking a more robust session. Engage the Sesh Mode with a double button press to initiate a pre-heating cycle, complete with pulsating lights and haptic feedback to signal when it's ready for use. For any remaining concentrates, the Manual Mode ensures nothing goes to waste, maximizing each session's potential.
Pulsar APX eRig Vaporizer
Maintenance is streamlined to ensure the longevity of the eRig. Simple cleaning involves wiping the atomizer with an isopropyl alcohol-dipped cotton swab post-cooling. The device can be disassembled for a deeper clean. Convenient USB-C charging keeps the device ready for your next session, and a battery level indicator lets you know when you need a charge. With the Pulsar APX eRig, each dabbing experience is elevated, combining powerful performance with ease of use and maintenance for unparalleled dab sessions.

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