Puffco Proxy Droplet Attachment

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The Droplet allows you to convert your Puffco Proxy Vaporizer into an E-Rig with ease. The Droplet has a blue water bottle look to it, so it rests safely on flat surfaces and is very discreet. It was designed with an angled neck which acts as a natural splashguard to prevent water from entering your mouth. The droplet gets its name from the water drop-shaped diffuser downstem that is shaped like a droplet, which helps to water-filter your vapor for a much cooler and smoother dabbing experience. Upgrade your Puffco Proxy vaping routine with a Droplet to experience the difference in water filtration.
Puffco Proxy Droplet Attachment

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Compatible with the Puffco Proxy
Puffco Proxy Droplet Bubbler
Bottle-Shaped Design
Natural Splashguard
Diffuser Downstem
Optimal Grip
Easy to Use
Angled Neck
Travel Friendly
Frosted Blue Glass
Droplet Shaped Diffuser
Premium Borosilicate Glass

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