Orange Chronic 710 Cleaner

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The Orange Chronic 710 Cleaner is an organic solution that works great on quartz and will tackle the stickiest wax resin. This innovative cleaning solution features a unique mix of oils and enzymes that work to break down the stickiness and gunk in your water pipe, which allows you to wash the nastiness away with hot water. Simply pour Orange Chronic Cleaner directly into your bong or dab rig, swirl the cleaner around your piece and let it soak for a while, then rinse out the debris with hot water! For smaller nectar collectors and smoking accessories such as bangers & dab tools, we recommend placing the item within a resealable sandwich bag with enough Orange Chronic 710 Cleaner, so the pieces are fully submerged.

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Orange Chronic 710 Cleaner
Reusable Soaker Solution
All-Natural Ingredients
Fully Biodegradable
Streak-Free Clean
Soak, Shake, Rinse!
Lightning Fast Results
Bong Cleaning Solution
Eliminates Smells & Residue
Cleans Quartz,, Metal & Ceramic

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