My Bud Vase Rose Water Pipe

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Color: Lilac
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The Rose Water Pipe is another unique, style-altering design from My Bud Vase. This extraordinary water pipe is beautiful from top to bottom, with a thick porcelain design that looks like an ordinary flower vase while operating as a fully functional beaker bong. When not in use, simply insert the included faux flower poker tool into the flared mouthpiece and enjoy a piece of art that will be sure to turn heads. The Rose Vase-Style Water Pipe is centered around an ornamental rose accent on the opposite side of the rubber grommet joint. This decorative flower is complete with petals & leaves, available in your choice of striking yet natural pink or matching glossy ivory. 

My Bud Vase Rose Bong

The ultimate romantic gesture for your stoner girlfriend, the Rose Water Pipe works just as great for smoking as it does for adding a touch of classy elegance to your home. With an expertly made grommet style joint, the included 2.5” bowl slide fits snugly inside the Rose’s beaker base to ensure an airtight fit. This precision craftsmanship provides exceptional pulling power during each draw and the male slide includes a handle for easy removal. Beautiful flowers are always a perfect gift for loved ones and the My Bud Vase Rose Water Pipe is no different. 

My Bud Vase Rose Bong

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
My Bud Vase "Rose" Water Pipe
Thick Porcelain Construction
Choice of Rose Colors
Grommet Style Joint
Flared Mouthpiece
Fixed Downstem
8” inches Tall
4” Diameter 
45° Joint
Female Joint
Beaker Bottom
Rubber Grommet
2.5" Male Bowl Slide
Vase-Style Beaker Bong
Blends into Normal Scenery
Faux Rose Flower Poker Tool 
Certificate of Authenticity Included

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