My Bud Vase Joy Water Pipe

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Who says sophistication and class can’t be fun? With the My Bud Vase Joy Water Pipe, you can add a touch of exuberance to any dull room! This adorable three-piece set is ready to bring joy to your cannabis routine and features a stylish combination of matching blue and white artwork on a porcelain vase-style bong, stash container, and coaster. The matching stash jar measures 3” inches tall by 1.75” inches wide, and the porcelain coaster is 4” inches in diameter. The Joy Water Pipe stands 8” inches tall and comes with a clear pull-stem bubble bowl, a decoy flower poker tool, and small white foam flowers. Perfect for adding a pop of color or life to any space, the My Bud Vase Joy is a lovely reminder to bring joy into your life on a daily basis.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
My Bud Vase Joy Water Pipe
Thick Porcelain Construction
Chinese-Inspired Artwork
Rubber Grommet Joint
Poker Tool Included
3.5” inches Wide
8” inches Tall
Female Joint
45° Joint Angle
Fixed Downstem
9mm Pull-Stem Bowl
Vase-Style Beaker Bong
Blends into Normal Scenery
Small Clear Glass Bubble Bowl

Box Includes:

1 x My Bud Vase Joy Water Pipe 
1 x Fern & White Rose Poker Tool
1 x Matching Stash Jar
1 x Matching Coaster

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