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Just like the goddess herself, the Aurora Water Pipe has brought upon a new dawn for the already successful family of My Bud Vase products. As with all My Bud Vase water pipes, the Aurora is a high-class glass bong with an elegant and unique design. The Aurora has an iridescent shimmer running up & down the glass that perfectly accents the genie-like chamber. This unique colored glass was used to resemble the Aurora Borealis, known more commonly as the Northern Lights. When not in use, the Aurora Bong can be disguised as a normal flower vase by simply removing the bowl, inserting the included faux flower poker & authentic peacock feather into the flared mouthpiece, and rotating the vase to hide the rubber grommet. Finally a glass water pipe you'll be excited about leaving out when family comes to visit! 

My Bud Vase Aurora Bong

The Aurora’s vase-style bubble base holds a voluminous amount of water for effectively filtering and cooling your smoke. A rubber grommet style joint with a fixed downstem leads your smoke into the base while an included purple-tinted male bowl slide further adds to the pleasing aesthetic. Behold the dawn of a new era with the My Bud Vase Aurora Water Pipe!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
My Bud Vase "Aurora" Water Pipe
Thick Vase-Style Beaker Bong
Colored Borosilicate Glass 
Flared Mouthpiece
Rubber Grommet
Fixed Downstem
8” inches Tall
45° Joint
5” Diameter 
Bubble Base
Female Joint
Male Bowl Slide
Grommet Style Joint
Authentic Peacock Feather
Faux Flower Poker Included
Blends into Everyday Scenery
First Collection by My Bud Vase

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