MJ Arsenal “Titan” Mini Dab Rig

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MJ Arsenal decided to go bigger with the Titan while still incorporating the same incredible filtration technology their water pipes and mini rigs are known for. At approximately 7” inches tall, the Titan Dab Rig is one of the largest oil rigs from MJ Arsenal but still maintains the exceptional flavors you’d expect while dabbing from a mini rig. The Titan is handcrafted from durable borosilicate glass and dialed-in from top to bottom to be the most impressive mini rig yet. If you like percolators, this beast of a rig features a double ball base perc, a Klein draining incycler system, and a built-in splash guard. The Titan Dab Rig has all the features you could ask for in the perfect oil rig and includes a 10mm male quartz bucket made for big dabs. Enjoy some of the most flavorful, smoothest concentrate hits imaginable with the MJ Arsenal Titan Dab Rig today!

MJ Arsenal Titan Mini Dab Rig

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
MJ Arsenal Titan Mini Dab Rig
Thick Borosilicate Glass
Klein Draining Incycler

Double Ball Base Perc
Recycler Function
Handcrafted Rig

7” inches Tall
Splash Guard
90° Joint Angle
Compact Design
10mm Female Joint
10mm Quartz Bucket
Reinforced Downstem
2.75” inch Diameter Base
Clear Scientific Glass Oil Rig

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