MJ Arsenal Mini Rig Quartz Bucket - 10mm Male

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The MJ Arsenal Quartz Bucket Banger is the perfect tool for big, substantial pulls from your favorite MJ Mini Rig. These replacement flat top quartz bangers were built to deliver the most powerful and flavorful vapor possible from your wax concentrates. The MJ Arsenal Standard Quartz Bucket Banger is made from 100% quartz and boasts a 3mm thick construction with a large 26mm bucket depth. This reliable oil accessory is the same quartz bucket that comes standard with all MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs. Designed exclusively for MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs, the Standard Quartz Bucket Banger is equipped with a 10mm ground glass joint that will provide an airtight seal in any 10mm female joint water pipe or dab rig.  

MJ Arsenal Mini Rig Quartz Bucket Banger

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Designed for Wax Concentrates 🍯
MJ Arsenal Mini Rig Quartz Bucket 
Replacement Quartz Banger Nail
Preserves Tastes & Flavors
100% Quartz Materials
Ground Glass Joint
10mm Male Joint
3mm Thickness
Low-Temp Dabs
26mm Bucket Depth
14mm Bucket Diameter
Fits any 10mm Female Joint
Designed for MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs

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